Titles are hard!

I’ve been MIA for a few days because our internet connection decided to have issues.  It was so slow that I couldn’t upload any pictures, and I have very little actual content.

First, a picture to show that I do wear my knits!

I love Marc’s face here!
The “not so shrunken” cardigan has been a huge hit so far.  It passes the “doesn’t look homemade” test!

I’ve finished Wicked… twice.   The first time I finished it I decided it was a bit short, so I tried blocking for length.  No good, since it’s a snug fit anyway.  So I ripped out the ribbing and redid it in the crossed rib pattern, plus I added an inch for good measure.  It’s blocking again – I hope to have modeled pictures tomorrow, assuming that it fits!

I’ve also cast on for Ariann (no picture so far!)  I’m not sure how into this pattern I am… but it’s the only cold weather knit I currently have yarn for, so it will have to do.  I finished the ribbing (it took an hour or so) so it remains to be seen how I enjoy the pattern.  I think it’s super cute in the modeled photos!  I’m making the size 35″ since my gauge is a tiny bit off and I’ve heard that it runs small.

Let’s see… wedding news!  I bought my dress today.  It’s the “Sandra Dee” from Siri.  I ordered it in off-white silk with a chocolate brown sash.

I know the picture is small, but trust me – it’s cute!  The skirt is very full, and I like that it works with, instead of against, my short-waistedness.  I’m considering my veil options now.  I don’t really like them, but I am interested in trying a little face veil to see how it looks.   The sizing for this brand is weird too.  I expected to go up a few sizes (I usually wear a 4 or 6) but according to their chart I’m a 2.  She showed me the measurements, and I agree that it’s fine… but I think that amount of upsizing is weird for bridal.  Oh well.

I’m also working on our “save the date” cards, since those will have to go out in February (this is what comes of choosing a wedding date 6 months away!)  Here’s a (really terrible) shot of what I have so far.

It is by no means complete (and I am not a graphic artist!) but I like what I have so far.  I’m going to send postcards.

6 thoughts on “Titles are hard!

  1. Hi there. I found your blog via the Sexy Knitters Club, and when I read this post and saw your dress (and photos of you), a veil idea just popped in my head. I hope you don’t think it’s odd but I wanted to pass on the idea in case it’s something you like. I even googled for a link to explain better. My thought was a pillbox hat with some sort of small veil. There are some interesting pics here: http://www.designonevab.com/pillbox.htm

    Congratulations to you both!

  2. The wedding dress looks beautiful and I really like the addition of the brown sash…In terms of the veil, you could always make it and then it could be exactly as you want it! Oh, and your save the date cards are great!

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