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More wicked

My Wicked is moving along very fast, as it is made with worsted weight yarn, and I’m making the smallest size.

I couldn’t decide which size to make as I was (as always) in between the two smallest.  I decided to go on my theory that I won’t wear baggy sweaters and go for the smaller, since my previous idea of going for the larger was constantly resulting in sweaters I don’t wear.  It’s also easier to block bigger than smaller, so this should be fine.  I tried it on, and the fit is great – Marc even commented that it was a “sexy sweater” which is a new one! My swatch had a tiny bit of shrinkage (like 1/4 of a stitch) so I’m pretty sure I can block that out.  I think I’m going to go for 3/4 length sleeves, as that’s my favorite length.  Although it’s so cold in here today that I’m walking around under a blanket, so maybe an actual warm sweater is a good idea?

I want to hurry up and finish so I can start my Nantucket jacket in this tweedy yarn

Since I’ve made three quick sweaters in a row I think I’m ready to tackle something a bit more time consuming… maybe.  We’ll see – I do love my stockinette!

This afternoon I am going to visit the craft store in an effort to get inspired for the “save the date” cards for our wedding.  I’ve seen some really cute ones online, but we’ll see… a graphical design genius I am not.  We are printing our own invitations (the wedding is going to be in August) and I’ve already picked up the paper for those at Michaels (on sale, with a coupon = less than $40 for all our invites!)

I’m trying hard not to let the wedding planning bug overtake my life.  I was planning on October originally, but we decided it would be easier to plan it during one of my session breaks at work.  I have 3 weeks off in August, and after that not til next December (and Christmas doesn’t work for me, I have too many gigs) so August it is.  I was worried I wouldn’t have time to knit, but in fact I think it’s driven me to knit more, in an attempt to distract myself.  On Friday I’m going dress shopping with Marc’s Mom.  I already have a good idea of what I want – I like this dress, from Siri bridesmaids, in ivory (which I’m pretty sure will be extra… stupid bridal industry)

Or something similar…  I also like the neckline on this dress (well, the jacket)

Basically I don’t want a big dress.  I want tea length and simple, with a portrait (or similar) neckline, a medium full skirt, and absolutely no beads, lace, sequins, or (visible) tulle.  I don’t think this exists in a “wedding” dress, so I’ll be buying bridesmaids or regular evening.