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The new Interweave preview is up!

Go see it!

On first glance my favorite design is the cable down raglan

I love the way the cables emphasize the waist in the back.  I also like both the cardigans , but I’m on a bit of a cardigan kick lately, so that shouldn’t be a surprise.

The shawlette is an interesting idea.  I like the idea of ends that are easy to tie around your shoulders, as I’m forever fixing my shawls.  I like Grumperina’s socks and the raglan as well, but I’m not excited enoug to post pictures.

I want to like this design but I dunno… I just don’t get the back.   I don’t like shirts with overly bare backs, as I’m not so fond of my own bony specimen.  I’m also not sure that I get the idea of making really open weaved tank tops I don’t like the 2 different sets of straps or the different lengths.  I will knit tanks, but the fabric needs to be pretty tight.

Overall it looks like a good issue.  Oh Interweave… why must you tease me with your previews a month in advance!

I finished the “not so shrunken cardigan” and it’s drying and awaiting buttons.  I already sewed buttons onto the Jess jacket, and I should get pictures today.  I’m so pleased with how these have both come out!

My cat wants to sleep on my blocking.  I fail to understand why the cat that hates even being in a room with running water would be perfectly happy to lie on a sopping wet sweater for a nap… but there you go.  He loves it.  In fact, he tried to gnaw on my Jess jacket this afternoon, but fortunately I caught him in time.