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Almost there

My Jess jacket is finished, and it currently lies blocking on the dining room table.

I just need buttons!

The “not so shrunken” cardigan is almost complete as well.  I’m in the midst of sewing the hems, and then I have to make the button band etc, but it’s close!  I’m feeling much better about my ability to make sweaters now, as these two are coming out so nicely.  For awhile after the Hourglass fiasco I was unable to even contemplate making another sweater, but now I feel much better!

I’m also thinking about remaking my “rusted root” sweater.  The stitches are uneven (it was my first sweater) and I really should have made the XS instead of the small.

I think my next project will be Wicked , in the green Debbie Bliss merino aran I got from littleknits (the green is actually more to the yellow and less to the blue side than it looks in the photo.)