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Still knitting…

Thank you so much for all your nice wishes on my engagement – it really made me feel special!

We’re trying to iron out details on a date.  This mostly involves finding a close catholic church that won’t charge a bajillion dollars to rent.  Yes, I work for the church, but I don’t want the wedding at my church because it’s too far out (a good thirty minutes from the Highlands and impossible for out of town guests I think.)  Hopefully we’ll find somewhere soon!

I’ve decided that I want to wear a suit with a little hat and veil… sort of like this or this.   I could also go with a simple knee length sheath and knit a little lacy shrug.  Either way.  I just know that I am not at all a big poofy dress sort of person, especially because I practically work weddings for a living (so I want mine to be different!)  I’m thinking a sort of 1940s or 50s vibe, including hiring some of my friends who have a jazz band to play the reception.  Yes, prepare for all the wedding talk here!

In knitting news, I worked for a solid 3 hours on the Not so Shrunken cardi last night, and I’ve finished the body and one sleeve.

Sorry for the sucky picture, but I simply am incapable of taking pictures of myself.  I lengthened the sleeve by 2 inches because I have super long arms, so they worked out about the same as the called for length.  The raglan depth is probably a bit long (it called for 9.5″, but I should have stopped at 9 or even 8.5″.)  The needle is still on the bottom because I have lots more yarn and was considering lengthening the cardi, but I decided that since I like cropped sweaters it wouldn’t be worth the work for 6 more inches.  So… one more sleeve and the button bands to go!  This has been a super quick knit, and I don’t even feel as though I’ve been slaving away on it.  The yarn for my Jess hasn’t arrived yet, I promise to sew it together when it arrives!

That’s all for now!

5 thoughts on “Still knitting…

  1. Those suits are so cute. I love the 1940s idea–I’ve always loved that look. I’m going to be going glamourous for my wedding this spring, simply because I’ve never had the chance to really dress up. I hated all the strapless poofy princess gowns though, so I’m doing a 1930s Starlet look at a restored Greco-Roman ballroom with a jazz quartet. Should be a blast.

    Good luck with your wedding plans!

  2. Sweater looks fantastic!

    And I like the first suit you have linked. Nice. Good luck and please keep us all posted!!!

  3. The cardi looks great. I am working on a shrunking type cardi too.
    I love the suit idea. that will look great. I was also not a poofy dress type and went for a sheath type from Jcrew. So comfortable. good luck finding a church.

  4. hmm i’m not crazy on either of them because i have a whole other vision in my head. but it’s your dress and not mine.

    i like the 20s theme, baby!!! i guess that’s the kind of dress i had in mind.

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