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Slow and steady…

My Not so shrunken cardi has sleeves!

You have no idea how glad I am to have the sleeves on waste yarn. By the end there were so many stitches on the needle that it was taking at least 20 minutes per row (at least on the purl side.) The good news is that since it’s a cropped cardigan I only have 6 more inches to go on the body – I’m more than halfway there! The color of this yarn doesn’t photograph well… it’s actually darker and maybe a little less blue.

I’m so in love with this yarn… mmm, such lovely texture.

My latest yarn obsessions are cotton/silk blends. To that end, I finally received the yarn I ordered from WEBS.

Classic Elite Classic Silk, for Ms. Marigold. So soft, and with a texture very similar to the Silky Wool. And yes, it’s pink. I’ve discovered that salmony pinks look good with my red hair.

Cascade Pima Silk in pistachio. This is for Sahara, which I’m making with short sleeves. This yarn is also very soft, but it is not slubby the way the classic elite is. I’m happy with my choice, as it seems like it will be drapey enough to make a good sub.

Sweet Georgia superwash sock yarn in Slayer and Firefly, bought from the Loopy Ewe. Honestly, I only bought these because I’ve been searching for them, and this is the first time I’ve seen these colors in the superwash on a US site. Sock yarn is really not a priority right now. But won’t the firefly yarn be lovely in the autumn?

And… since the money for these yarns all came from the selling of stash, they’re all totally guilt free!

Tonight is our anniversary, so Marc is taking me to the Cuban restaurant we visited on our first date. I can’t wait!