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 Since I can’t work on my Jess sweater and I’m not in the mood for socks I started something new.

This sad little bit of raglan is the beginning of the “Not so Shruken” cardigan.   I’m using Silky Wool for the first time, and so far I love it!  It’s slightly tweedy and textured with the stickiness of silk.  So far as I can tell this is a “love it or hate it” yarn, and I’m on the loving it side.  The only problem I have with it?  It doesn’t work as a sub in other patterns that call for DK weight yarn.  I’ve been trying to use it forever, and I finally had to get a sweater written for Silky tweed.  So I don’t suppose I’ll be buying any more.  I don’t care for the Elsbeth Lavold Patterns that are written for silky tweed.  Not my style.  Someone else write a cute pattern for this yarn please!
I do have one pattern question… maybe someone can help me?  The pattern says to keep doing the raglan increases until the “raglan portion of the sleeves” measures a certain amount.  Does this mean I should measure down the row of raglan increases?  The only other thing I can think of is measuring across the sleeve, but that doesn’t seem right.

I’m making the size XS, which the pattern says is for a 32″ bust.  My bust measurement is 33″.  I’m trying to avoid making a sweater that’s too big – apparently I tend to do that.  I measured my favorite sweater, and it measures 30″ across the bust, so I’ve decided to reject any pattern that makes a sweater without negative ease (unless it’s not fitted, of course.)  The other knit and tonic pattern I’ve made (the Ill-fated Something red) was turning out way too big in the 34″ size, so I hope I made the right decision!   This pattern doesn’t have actual finished garment  measurements, so I’m flying blind… but I figure better too small than too big… previous experience tells me that if the sweater is too big I won’t wear it.

I’ll tell you though… going from size 11 needles (for jess) down to size 5s makes you feel like your progress is glacial.  I’m a loose knitter (to avoid irritating the tendonitis) so I often have to go smaller (the pattern called for 6s.)

I’m glad to see that I’m enabling you all with the Phildar patterns.  Maybe if there’s enough demand they’ll start selling them in the US.

A few comment responses (I’m never sure where to put these – I can email back, but what if someone else has the same question? So I’m going to try this.)

  1. high-strung Says: these are gorgeous! which book(s) did these come from?!?!? i love the coat with the oversized buttons! They came from the three Phildar Tendances magazines on the Phildar Website.  Just click on catalogues and you can browse all the designs.  There is a knit along for the coat going on right now here.
  2. Melissa Says: I love that brown yoke sweater, and the fuchia one with the leaves on the side! Gorgeous.

    Funny, I thought I was the only one who’d skipped garments that are knit in pieces. When you’re picking up your stitches are you putting the needle through just one loop or two? The latter should give you hole-free results. The video here is helpful:
    (I just watched it yesterday.) I watched that video too, trying to see where I was going wrong.  But I’m picking up through two loops.  I think the problem is the way the shaping was done.  Those aren’t all regular bound off stitches, which are easy to pick up.  A lot of the stitches are longer, and so they leave a hole.  Oh well… I think it will be hidden anyway, perhaps it’s just a problem with my loose knitting.  Thanks for the suggestion (and you aren’t the only one!)

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