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2007 in preview

Last night I finished the back to Jess.

All the ends are because the DB Merino DK has an amazing number of knots.  But it’s nice and it was cheap, so I can forgive a few knots.  I’m started the left front, and I’m really pleased with how fast this is going!  I only had to rip once  on the back – I apparently am incapable of reversing shaping directions.  But it’s fixed now, and I’m happy.

My next socks will be the chevron socks  (on the bottom)from Sensational knitted socks in the yarn below.  I can’t wait to start!

Since I’ve already done my 2006 year in review, it’s time to turn my eyes to 2007. No, no resolutions – I don’t believe in them.  I keep a list of all the projects I would like to make, so here is my knitting wishlist for the next year.

1. More socks.  Goes without saying.  It’s just barely possible that I may have ordered some Yarn Pirate in Neopolitan last night (love those colors!)  I’ve decided that my sock yarn rule will now be “one finished, buy one new ball.”  Except in the case of sales, because those just don’t count.  I have 2 great sock books, and I’ve really been enjoying the socks I’ve knit so far.

2. Explore new techniques and new designers.  I really want to get my hands on some Phildar magazines.  I also have an interest in learning basic fair isle, but I’m scared of that so it may not happen.

The List (so far)

Ariann, from Chic knits.  I have the yarn (cascade 220)and the pattern, so I’m all ready to start!

The “Not so shrunken” cardi, from Knit and tonic.  Mainly because it calls for Silky Tweed, and I have a bunch f Silky wool that needs to go for something!  I love the ruffles too.

Sahara, from the same.  I’m going to make the long sleeved one, since I want to sub Andean Silk, and I think a short sleeved partly alpaca sweater woul be silly.

Ms. Marigold, from Zephyr Style. Yes, I’m behind.  I’ll use my old standby Shine Sport for this (I have lots!)

Nantucket Jacket, From Winter 06 IW knits.  I have some Skye Tweed I’d like to use for this.  I love tweedy cables!  I’m a little scared of it, so I’ll have to work my way up!

Cherry, from “My Fashionable life”.  How much do I love sweaters with little ties? (See: Ariann.)  I’ll use Shine Sport for this as well (knitting from the stash!)

Edie cardigan, from Yarnplay.  This is the reason I bought this book (well, this and the armwarmers).  I do have a slight fear of people constantly saying “Your sweater is buttoned wrong” but it’s just so cute!

This is from RYC Classic style.  I love the idea of a little buttoned up vest, and I’d like to try out some Rowan patterns – but the Rowan mags do nothing for me.  I think it’s the crazy styling and photos, it’s too hard to see the designs (and I am not “edgy” at all.)  The other patterns in this book are all really lovely as well.  I’m a big fan of classic styles.

The Equestrian blazer, from IW knits Winter 06.  I still love this,  but I can’t think of a good yarn sub.  I want tweedy, but it really needs to be a heavy aran weight.  I don’t want to spend $15 a ball for the Rowan, but I may have to.  The little nipped in, hourglass style looks really good on me.

Also: Lady Eleanor.  I still want to make one, and I’m still having issues.  I’ve just about decided to bite the bullet and use Silk Garden 203 (inspiration here)  I may be selling off some other yarn to justify.  There are really only 2 sweaters on this list that I don’t already have yarn for, so it’s not as though I’m buying tons of yarn (although sock yarn will be the death of me!)

4 thoughts on “2007 in preview

  1. Lovely list. I would like to challenge you about completing a long-sleeved alpaca sweater. It can be very warm much warmer than an all wool sweater. My first alpaca was a sleeveless sweater which is typically too warm for the weather unless there is snow. I have to wear it alone (typically one week or two a year) or with a super light weight long sleeve shirt.

  2. Yes, I have thought about the alpaca warmth thing… but the Andean silk isn’t all Alpaca, so I’m hoping that will negate the effect somewhat. Also, I’m one of the coldest natured people on the planet, so I’m thinking it might not bother me. It’s something to think about though – I’m still considering my options (I’m also thinking of a cotton/silk blend)

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