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It’s all over…

Christmas, I mean.  Thank goodness!  After all the stress of holiday parties/crazy work schedule it’s been really nice to just do nothing for the past week.  I don’t have much to comment on about Christmas, except to say that it was very nice.  I got three knitting related gifts, all things that I asked for.  I recieved copies of Knitting Vintage Socks, Yarnplay, and Weekend Knitting.  While I wasn’t that enthused about the sock book when I flipped through it in the store, now that I’ve actually read through the book I love it!  I can’t wait to start a pair of socks based on one of the patterns.

I haven’t actually recieved the other two yet because the Post office is slooow.  Marc ordered them in early December and they shipped on the 11th.  We still don’t have them.  I, in the meantime, have recieved three different packages of yarn.  Today we emailed Amazon to complain.  I understand slow holiday shipping, but three weeks is really outrageous.  I want my books!

I can sum up Christmas in one photo.

That’s my Mom’s dog after the unwrapping carnage, and I can certainly relate!  Our house is looking better now, but since we’ve just finished moving all my things in it’s a wee bit messier than I would like.  Marc has spent all week showing it off to his out of town friends, which makes me crazy since I’m so OCD about things being picked up.  I think they understand though.
We stayed in Cincinnati for three days following Christmas, so that Marc could visit with his sister and her husband.  They live in Wisconsin and usually can only visit twice a year.  Marc even wore their Christmas present from last year to please his sister.

Yes, but he’s my… well, you get the idea.

I visited two fiber stores in Cincinnati that I hadn’t before.  First we went to Fiberge, which was nice and big, although I wasn’t too impressed with their selection.  I did get to see the Louisa Harding book I’ve been coveting, and I decided not to buy it.  Wonky sizing.  A size 38 sweater for a 32″ bust?  I think not!  I hate it when sizing is too big for me, because while I am thin I don’t think it’s crazy to have measurements that will fit a 34.

We also went to Knit on, which is in Bellevue.  I had heard that the store was crazy messy and crowed, and indeed it was.  They had a fabulous selection, if you could find what you wanted.  I ended up buying a skein of Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Huckleberry.

Isn’t it pretty?  I love the pinks.

The second rib and cable sock is nearly finished.  I worked on it during the limited time I had in Cinci.  When I got home I had a package of Debbie Bliss Merino DK waiting for me ($27 for a bag from little knits!) so I was finally able to cast on for my Jess sweater.

This pattern is remarkable easy to follow, and I think it’s going to go really fast.  The above is maybe 2 and  half hours of knitting – not bad!  Here’s a closeup of the basketweave pattern.

The yarn is really a gorgeous color of teal.  I was expecting the DB merino to be at least a bit scratchy (I have heard that it was), but it’s as soft as can be.  Elann is getting this on clearance in January, and you’d better believe I’ll be lined up for that sale!

Two more recent yarn purchases: Cascade 220 in Shire for Ariann

And some sock yarn from  I ordered this so long ago that I’d given up on it ever shipping – and now that it has the order is totally screwed up.  *sigh* I’m not going to return it though.  I hate to think how long that would take!  I cannot recommend this store.

L to R: Mountain Colors bearfoot in Sweet Pea, Cherry Tree Hill supersock in Green Mountain Madness, and more bearfoot in Flathead cherry.

I did order (and love) the flathead cherry, but the CTH should have been the Superglitz (I’m ok with that though – I love the colors enough to knit socks with it) and the Sweetpea is just wrong.  I ordered a totally different color.  I don’t think I would use the sweetpea, because it’s too similar to other yarns I have, so I’ll have to sell it I suppose.

There are a ton of online and B&M yarn sales before the new year, and I feel like I should order, but the only order I’m contemplating is Knitpicks.  I want to make Knit and Tonic’s Sahara sweater out of Andean silk in the near future, and I need to order some more cables for my options needles.  And (I can’t believe I’m saying this) I’m happy with my Sock yarn stash.  I want to try to knit a pair of socks a month during 2007.

Sorry for the monster post, now that I’m back I should be able to be more regular.

5 thoughts on “It’s all over…

  1. Just stumbled across your blog, I’m in Cincinnati- the next time you’re here, check out Lambikins Hideaway in Hamilton- worth the drive to get there! Also Yarn and Fabrications in West Chester. I rotate between all the stores, but those two are my favorites. 🙂

  2. I wanted to go to Lambikins Hideaway (I had heard about it) but my boyfriend acted as though it were on another planet. His parents live in Northern KY (Edgewood) so it’s easier to get to those. I’ll definitely try to check it out – I usually have time on my hands during a visit!

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