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My year in knitting.

2006 is coming to an end, and for some reason I feel a need to make the obligatory year end round-up.  Since I started out the year a dedicated fan of counted cross-stitching, and wound up an obsessive knitter, it is sort of interesting.

At some point early last spring I realized that cross-stich was hurting my hands, making me blind, and giving me absolutely no finished projects to show for my time.  Since my boyfriend has a creative hobby (he builds Lego sculptures) I wanted something I could work on at the same time.  I thought I’d take up crochet, since I’d tried knitting before with no success.  I bought the Happy Hooker and churned out these three FOs in a few weeks (pics are clickable).

Fat Bottom BagClutch in black Wool EaseOne Skein Scarf in Patons merino

I made the “Short and Sweet” bolero (no picture, but a disaster – it turned out hugely bulky.) Then I made the “Fit to be tied” sweater from the book, and attempted the “Ladylike lace” gloves.

  These gloves (which are huge and not stretchy) made me decide to try knitting again.   I was also disappointed by the lack of good crochet patterns on the market, and I was really envious of beautiful knit sweaters.

It was hard for me to pick up knitting.  Crochet had been easy, and I’ve always had good fine motor control (the result of being a pianist.)  Knitting though – ugh.  I hated American style.  I had to learn Continental before I felt like I was fast enough to ever finish anything.  I did finish one object as a “thrower” and here it is.  Yes, I know it looks like a belt.  It’s a scarf.  I don’t think I understood the idea that ribbing causes your fabric to suck together.

2x2 ribbed scarf, in a bulky bernat yarn After I learned continental style knitting my new obsession was born.  I am not someone who has ever been accused of doing something by half measures.   The rest of my knitting this year, both the good and the bad.


Branching out

Branching out

I can’t believe this was my second finished knitted item.  It turned out well in Knitpicks shine, and I wear it often!


Still my favorite knitted item, and the one I get the most compliments on.

Odessa (sans beads)

I’m mixed on this one.  It turned out cute, but I don’t do hats.  I should remember that before I’m swept away by the cuteness.

Voodoo Wristwarmers

I’ll count these as a hit, since they are cute, but I don’t wear them much.

Multidirectional scarf

I love this scarf!  It was a pain to make, but it’s unique and I love it!

Rusted Root Sweater

I look at this picture and think “That sweater is so cute, why don’t I make more sweaters?”

Scrunchable Scarf

In Araucania nature wool, and gifted to Marc, this scarf turned out beautifully!

Ipod Cozy

I love this, and people always ask me where I bought my unique Ipod “sock.”  It has stretched out a bit, but I think washing will tighten it back up and make my Ipod cozy once again.

Simple Ribbed Socks

My first socks, and even if they aren’t perfect I still love them!

Grandma’s favorite Washcloth

I hate knitting with dishcloth cotton, but I will admit that this pattern is very nice.

Simple ribbed hat

For Marc, made of Patons SWS.

Short row Ribbed Scarf

I wasn’t sure about the colors, and it took forever, but this scarf is very nice to wear.

Twin rib socks

I love these socks so much that I never want to take them off.


Airy Scarf

Airy Scarf

From “Last Minute Knitted Gifts.”  I hated the laceweight mohair, and it doesn’t hold its blocking for five minutes.  I don’t wear it.

Hourglass Sweater

Also from “LMKG.”  That book must be cursed for me.  Anyway, this sweater turned out ok, but I don’t like how the cotton blend is wearing, and it weights about 900 pounds.  I don’t wear it, but I did learn a lot during the knitting.

Final total: 14 finished objects in 6 months (I’m only counting knitting, not the crochet or that sad first scarf.)  I’m really proud that I’ve managed to finish (and learn) so much!  I’m also amused at the way you can tell I’ve been through 3 cameras this year – pictures have definitely improved!

Knitting goals for 2007:

In 2007 I want to tackle some more sweaters, since that’s the item I’m still kind of scared of.  I’ve finished two and frogged one, leaving me with only one that I actually wear.  I’m also wanting to learn Entrelac for a Lady Eleanor.  I’m still not too interested in color work, so I don’t know if I’ll get there.  Also: socks.  I want to knit lots of socks (I’ll have to, the way I keep buying sock yarn!)

A few Projects for this year:


I swatched and idly cast on for this sweater this afternoon

I’m thinking, though, that I’d rather stick to cardigans for now.  Truth be told, I hardly ever wear pullovers, but I wear cardis every day.  It may stay on the “to do” list though.

Ok, enough rambling.  I’m proud of my year!

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