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Swatching again…

Could someone please tell me why I can no longer post pictures in WordPress using Firefox?  Everytime I try the window to put in the url opens, but it remains a blank window and never loads.  I’m having to use Internet Explorer to post, and I hate that.  Picture resizing is all wonky.

I swatched for Jess last night and decided that the silky wool isn’t going to be “the one” for this pattern.

You can see the basketweave pattern there, but it isn’t distinct enough – I think the yarn is too textured.  I also had to go down a needle size to get a fabric that wasn’t totally airy, with the result that the swatch is an inch too narrow.  On the other hand, the silky wool is lovely… I’ll just have to find a fabric that shows off its natural texture.

Littleknits has Debbie Bliss Merino DK on sale for 27 dollars a bag, so I got the teal color for my Jess cardigan instead.  I wanted to use a stash yarn, but the only other DK I have in the right amount is blue, and I can’t wear blue sweaters with jeans the way I want with this one (yes, I know that I’m weird.)

I’m in love with the Louisa Harding Winter Muse Classic book.  I was inspired by the Veronica cardigan here, and I love all the vintagey designs.  I do wonder what the sizing is like.  Perhaps, since I’m on vacation and still bored, I will go to the LYS and check out the sizing. 

Tonight we’re going to a Christmas party and then trivia, so maybe that will relieve my boredom!

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