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As promised…

As promised, here’s a (slightly) better pic of the cable and rib socks

Apparently I live in the land of no sun, ever, so that’s the best I can do.  It is a much clearer picture of the color.  I did one less repeat than the pattern called for, since my row gauge was slightly more and I’m nervous about the amount of yarn this is using.  Thus far the pattern is really simple and clear.  I’m working the heel flap right now.

Since I’m on vacation and bored, I decided to check out the last yarn store in town I haven’t been to.  Sophie’s Fine Yarn Shoppe was much nicer than I anticipated.  It’s definitely the biggest store in town, with lots of comfy places to sit and a suprisingly wide array of yarns.  I was (of course) drawn to the sock yarn, and I couldn’t stop myself from buying these two yarns.

On the left is Austermann Step, and on the right is Mountain Colors bearfoot in Alpine.  I was drawn in by the turquoise and the self-striping of the Austermann, and the Mountain Colors yarn was just so pretty.  And yes, it is nearly the same color as my Wildfoote socks, but that’s ok.  Those socks are too big, and they’re also wanting to felt on the bottoms after only a few wearings.  Color me unimpressed with that yarn.

Sophie’s gave me a list of their January classes, and there’s a fair isle class I’d love to take.  Unfortunately, I can’t take classes at night, since that’s when I work.  And the store is a good 20-25 minutes away from me, in the far east end of the city (an area of suburban hell and congestion that I try to avoid.)  Still… it was a very nice store, and I recommend a visit!

I could have done even more damage, but I’m saving myself for the trip to Cincy next week.  There are a few shops I’m planning to visit while I’m there.

Tonight we’re planning on going to my old house and packing.  I have to be completely out by the 29th, but I want my things gone before Christmas.  In case you were wondering, I’ve been nominally paying rent there while actually living here.  Fortunately we were able to get out of our lease early, so I’ll be saving money (my share of bills/mortgage here is cheaper than my rent/bills was there.)

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