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One sock down…

I finished the first of my twin rib socks!

Yesterday as I was working on this sock a big gust of wind came down the chimney and knocked over the (giant, heavy) fireplace screen.  It scared me so badly that I lost all the stitches on one needle.  I’m really proud that I got them all on and fixed – dropped stitches used to be my evil nemesis.

I should have gone another half inch before starting the toe on these.  I tried them on at the time, but I think I was confused.  I must remember to always go at least 7″ before the toe.  Ah well – this is the left sock then, since my left foot is slightly smaller.  It’s slightly snug at the toe, but not in a terrible way.  Or so I tell myself because I can’t imagine undoing these!  I haven’t blocked it yet of course… perhaps I will get extra room?  I don’t need much… a quarter inch or less would do it.  My last socks grew like mad in the wash.

I cast on for the second sock right away.  While I love the sock knitting, I don’t love casting onto DPNs or the first few rows, so I think starting right away is the best way to avoid SSS for me.

I also balled up some of the cashmere island, and I’d like to swatch so I can figure out my needle size for Lady Eleanor.  The ball band says size 6, but I’d like to use a 7.  The colors are much prettier out of the skein, so I’m feeling better and better about the yarn.  The best part?  It retains the Noro color and “rustic” look while not being very thick/thin and having no bits of plant matter that I found last night.  Yay!  I wish it came in more colors… The Clapotis is on the 4th straight section repeat, and is having a moment of being temporarily stalled.  The cats figured out how to get into one of my yarn bins, and they had lots of fun with some of the Clapotis yarn.  It isn’t ruined, just a wee bit hairy (they are declawed and mostly just knock yarn behind the french doors where the cat hair hides), but I’m dreading having to ball it up again.

The cats are weird about yarn.  They never bother it while I’m knitting, and I could leave a project out for a week without a cat bothering it… but balled up yarns in boxes is like a little kitty nirvana to them.  Dionne will walk up to the box, chomp down on an end and take off, trailing a ball of yarn behind her.  She knows she’s not supposed to, but I guess the yarn is just so tempting.

All my extra yarn is currently either in a rubbermaid storage cart or in the new dresser we bought, and I think the cats are sort of sad.  I think Marc is also sad to realize that he still doesn’t entirely get his own dresser, since half 0f mine is yarn.  Oops.

I only have to teach two lessons tonight, and then we’re having a holiday party/trivia night with some of my friends.  Hopefully I’ll find knitting time in there!

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