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Finally – a finished object!

I’ve finally finished the short row rib scarf!


Yarn: Noro Silk Garden #08.  I used 2.5 balls.

Size: A little over five feet by 6″

Needles: Size eight

Notes: If you recall, I started this scarf nearly two months ago.  It has languished as my third place project since then.  The silk garden was hurting my hands, and I was really not sure at all about the brightness of some of the colors.  Last night I looked at it and thought “I can’t have this hanging over my head anymore.  I declare it long enough!”  I quickly did the finishing squares and blocked it.  Does anyone else find that Silk Garden grows majorly in blocking?  Because this grew a good 6″ in length.

I found this scarf to be kind of tedious.  I couldn’t seem to memorize the pattern, so I had to pay constant attention.  The cast off isn’t as nice as the cast on, but I think that’s true of all scarves made with this pattern.  I’m going to wear it out tonight, but I think I’m pretty happy with it.  The colors are less bright when you aren’t staring at them from 4 inches away.

My yarn for Lady Eleanor finally arrived today, no thanks to UPS.  Does anyone else  hate it when something ships UPS?  Apparently UPS considers my zip code to be a “high crime area” (ha!) so they won’t leave a package even if you sign for it.  So I’ve been sitting here all day waiting for the UPS guy.   I ordered Noro Cashmere Island color #2, which is a combination of blues and greens with a bit of red thrown in for good measure.  I got nervous after ordering – I was going to get a different color, but decided that #2 was prettier.  I then got terrified that it would be too bright, and so I tried to ignore that it was coming.  I needn’t have worried though – it’s lovely!

I’m especially happy with the greens, which contain not a trace of teal (I like teal, but not the bright Noro teal).  The cashmere island seems to contain about 50 pounds of sizing, like all Noro yarns, so I can’t wait to swatch and block, so I can see how this yarn actually feels!

I also broke down and ordered some Skye Tweed, which WEBs has at really fabulous closeout prices.  I got a sweater’s worth of Loch Ness Teal and Spruce Green.


The Spruce green is actually brown, but it does contain tiny green tweedy bits, which are lovely.  Plus this yarn was super cheap, and I’m really happy to finally have some tweedy yarns in my stash.

Now that my scarf is finished I would like to start another.  I want to make “My So Called Scarf,” but I’m unsure about yarns.  I have two skeins of Malabrigo in Verde Azul.

You see the problem?  One skein is darker than the other, although they’re the same color otherwise.  Is there any way I could use both skeins without it looking weird?  I’m not sure if it would matter, since the yarn is variegated anyway.

I have to go pick Marc up from yet another holiday office party in a bit, and we’re going to my church group’s potluck Christmas party.  I have nothing for the potluck, since I’ve been stuck here all day waiting for UPS (and we need groceries), so I’m going to have to go the crappy route and pick something up.

9 thoughts on “Finally – a finished object!

  1. Very nice scarf! I printed out this pattern ages ago and would like to try it very soon.
    You said it was a little tedious, but was the stitch difficult?

    Zia 🙂

  2. Thanks for your reply! I have to admit I’m patient when it comes to knitting, so that scarf won’t be a problem at all. 🙂


  3. Your scarf is great. I really love those colours. I also can’t wait to see your Lady E. It’s always magic to see other people’s finished patterns, and see how the entrelac and self-striping makes each one totally unique!

  4. I’d like to suggest what to do with the 2 skiens of malabrigo (this is a great yarn to work with by the way! i’m currently making a cable scarf for my hubby with some) that are slightly different in color. what you can do is knit using both balls at the same time. you knit 2 rows with one ball and then knit 2 rows with the other ball. you simply carry your yarn up the side of your work being careful not to pull too tightly or carry it too loosely. keep alternating each ball every 2 rows.
    good luck!

  5. Did you keep this pattern of short row rib scarf – it is no longer available at Mag Knits – the site has closed down – I’d really appreciate a copy – regards barb

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