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Must finish socks!

This time I have actual Jaywalker progress.  I’m 5″ into the leg of the first sock.

I love the way the yarn is striping.  I wish the other Lorna’s laces striping yarns were my colors, because I would definitely buy some.  Simply Sock Yarns  has a special one that is brown and pink.  When it goes back in stock I’ll be sure to get some.  The Jaywalker pattern is going easily now, I just haven’t had a lot of time to sit down and knit.  Yesterday I worked, played a mass, and then went to Marc’s office Christmas party, so I didn’t have much time.

I did have time to order more sock yarn, so I have to hurry up on these in order to get started on some more lovely socks!

Claudia Yarns in “eat your veggies”.  I love these colors together!

Cherry tree hill in “Misty Moor”, a new shade.  It’s a very pretty mix of blue, purple, and moss.

Shelridge farms yarn in “Fury.”  It’s a little darker than the picture shows.  I wonder what pattern would be the best to go with a darker color.  This is also lovely yarn, and it seems to be slightly heavier than either the CTH or the Claudia.   I am a little worried that it might be too dark for me.  I ordered it because I’ve heard good things about their yarns, and because I wanted a solid so I could make a more lacy pattern, and it’s pretty inexpensive.

Save me from sock yarn.  Ah well… there are worse bad habits I suppose.

6 thoughts on “Must finish socks!

  1. Ooh, gorgeous yarn, especially the Cherry Tree Hill. I have never knit a sock in my life, and yet I just placed a $70 order in sock yarn. What can I say, the colors sucked me in!

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