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I cast on for the Shedir hat last night, and I’ve managed almost one entire repeat of the pattern.  The problem?  The cables.  It’s not that I can’t do the cables, it’s just that I find it incredibly tedious.  Cables are nice if there are a few of them strategically placed, not if the entire piece is covered in little teeny tiny cables.  It’s also sort of hard to see the cables on the tweedy fabric.  I tried the “knitting in the back loop” trick, but then I found that sort of tedious too, and it didn’t seem to make a difference.  I think it’s a combo of the tweed and the relatively dark yarn.  I’m also not certain it would fit Marc, who has a relatively large head, plus (and this is awful I know) I just love the color so much that I don’t know if I can bear to give it away.  So I’m thinking… make Marc a different hat out of a chunkier yarn, and save the Shedir hat.  I’ll either finish it for myself or frog the yarn, buy more, and make a sweater.  Ah, how my stash grows.

I tried to take a picture, but the camera is currently in the Volvo, which is currently 30 minutes away at the Volvo repair shop.  Oops.  Hopefully it isn’t a huge problem so that we can have it back in time to drive to Cincinnati for Thanksgiving.  My car is a VW, and tends on the “not so reliable” side of things.

I made myself a “fetching” fingerless glove, which turned out well, but I’m not going to make the other.  I just don’t think I would get any use out of them – they aren’t really my style.

So my only WIP is the never-ending scarf.  I need another project, but I feel so ADD lately!  I’ll think about starting something big, but then I just can’t bear to commit.

Pictures tomorrow, I promise!  Perhaps the hat will look better to me in the daylight…

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