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The holidays are sneaking up on me…

I haven’t been one to make a big deal of the holidays lately.  This is mostly due to my career as a singer and a church musician which makes me even busier than most people.  I will, for instance, play or sing at eight masses during Thanksgiving.  That’s a whole lot.  Christmas itself is far worse, especially since this year the last Sunday of Advent falls on Christmas Eve, making for what’s basically an entire two days of services.  Add that to holiday parties I will sing/play for and all the people who think getting married during the holidays is a good idea, and well… you get the point.  I also have the normal social/family obligations, although I haven’t been able to make our family Christmas Eve in quite sometime.

I actually quite enjoy the season (except for the music – occupational hazard.)  But it didn’t occur to me until today that it’s almost Thanksgiving!  And after that will come the Christmas gifts…

I probably won’t knit any Christmas gifts.  I know this is crazy, but I just think I would feel unappreciated if I put that much time into my gifts.  I do, however, want to make things, and in fact I had to be physically restrained from buying the Martha Stewart Living holiday gifts issue.   Most of them are up on the website anyway…  I like the Peppermint BarkTea Cup Candles, Bath Salts, and the Homemade Sachets, although the idea of sitting there poking holes as designs into envelopes is sort of… insane.  She also suggests making personalized flavored coffees, which isn’t a bad idea and not too difficult.  I need gifts for some of my boyfriend’s family, and I’m really just not sure what they would like.

5 thoughts on “The holidays are sneaking up on me…

  1. Resist the urge to knit Christmas gifts! I hate knitting with a deadline for people who aren’t necessarily going to be appreciative as they should be.

  2. Bath products are my go to “intimate gift for people you don’t know intimately” – and there are lots of fun and easy tutorials on the web for handmade soaps, bath salts, flavored lip balms and the like.

  3. I’ve only been knitting for a year so I still feel the urge to knit everyone a Christmas gift and I end up driving myself crazy! I have seen many great ideas from the MS Holiday Gift mag – that is one awesome magazine! I need to get started!

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