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First socks!

My first socks are finished!P

Pattern: Simple ribbed socks from Spun Magazine

Yarn: Brown Sheep Company Wildfoote in Bluegrass

Needles: Clover bamboo DPNs size US1

Can you see where I started the second skein?  I can!  Both skeins were from the same dyelot, but the red was much brighter in the second for some reason.   These socks are far from perfect – there are a few misplaces purls in my stockinette (I got tired and confused about which needle was which) but it’s on the bottom and not really bothersome.  I’m thrilled with my first socks, and I can’t wait to start more!

Speaking of which… I took back the bad Plymouth yarn and got sock yarn to make me feel better

Cascade sassy stripes and Fleece Artist merino in Moss (love this color!)  I think the thing that makes socks so addictive is that it’s easy to justify buying just one skein of something.  And also because you can wear colors on your feet that you would never make into a sweater.  I love this green, but I think it would not be my friend in a larger size.

Thanks for the suggestions for Lady Eleanor!  I’m going to look at the Nashua, which I remember seeing and liking before.  Right now I’m learning towards Noro Cashmere Island, only because I have a GC to webs.  I absolutely would not spend that much on yarn for a project otherwise.  I saw a sample worked up on the web, and it basically looks like all the other Noro yarns, just softer – plus it’s only a dollar more than Silk Garden.   I thought about Kochoran but decided I don’t really love Angora.  I’m deciding between these three colors if I get it (these are clearly not my pics… it was hard to find it online and my LYS doesn’t have it.)

#1 #2 #6

I’m pretty sure this is one of the “controversial” KFI cashmere yarns… but I don’t care.  It isn’t that expensive compared to their other yarns, so even if it has less cashmere I’m ok with that (although they should label them properly of course!)

I’m learning towards #2 or #6.  #6 is more purple and #2 more blue.  I look best in blues, but I do love the greens in #6, and that’s the one I’ve seen worked up.

You know… I really do things other than buy yarn, I swear.  Looking at this blog I feel like I spend a ton on knitting, but it really isn’t that bad.  I budget for it, and knitting takes the place of some things I don’t like doing – for instance, we never go out to the movies, and very rarely out to the bars on weekends.  I am such a cheapskate though… I feel bad spending any money on anything ever, even if I can afford it.  That comes from a childhood of little money I think.  I’m always convinced I’m 10 dollars from my cats and myself living in a cardboard box under a bridge.

Ah, decisions.  I’ll think about it.  My hands are stiff today, probably because I both taught and played a rehearsal yesterday, and then came home and knit.  Rehearsals are harder on me than anything else because I play pretty constantly for a few hours without a break, and sometimes is aggravates my tendonitis.  I’ll give my hands a rest and maybe start on a new sock if I have to knit (I want to make jaywalkers from the striped cascade yarn.)  Sock knitting doesn’t hurt my hands much.  I may have mentioned this before, but I have no trouble with teeny tiny needles, while needles over size 7 make my wrists ache.  So I won’t work on my scarf, which is Silk Garden on size 8s, until I feel a little better.

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