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The hair!

 Marc and I are plotting an Amazon order.  He wants to order a book for a Christmas present, and I get knitting books so we can get free shipping.  I want to get a sock book (yes, I know…) and Yarn Play… mostly because of my total love for these armwarmers

I love them because they don’t have a thumb hole.  Thumb holes in arm warmers make them useless to me – I can’t play the piano well while wearing them.  And yes, I know this is a simple pattern, and in fact I could probably reproduce it from looking at the pattern in the bookstore… but I have this whole thing where I want to support the designer.  Plus the other patterns are totally things that I would wear.  I already have the yarn I want to use for these armwarmers (I’m using Lorna’s Laces Shepherd sport in black purl and violet).  I’m going to stop at Border’s on my way to work tonight, so that I can see the sock books in person.  I either want “Sensational knitted socks” or “Knitting vintage socks.”  And if they have the new IK magazine, of course I’ll have to look at that…

Yes, I totally have a problem.  But that’s ok, because at least I use my patterns, and use up the yarns I buy fairly quickly.

Speaking of yarn, I got a ball of one of Plymouth’s new yarns, Boku.  It’s totally their copy of Silk Garden, although it’s 95% wool and only 5% silk… but it looks like silk garden, plus the name… totally a copy.  But it’s half the price of silk garden, softer than Kureyon, and comes in nice long color changes.  I got one full of greens and browns, and I’m going to swatch it with an eye on making Lady Eleanor from this yarn.   I love this pattern, but it’s so expensive!  WEBs has the Plymouth and it’s discountable, so I could make this for even cheaper than the Patons SWS (which I didn’t like anyway).  I really hope I like the yarn… I’ll swatch and post a review later.

My socks are nearly finished.  After I finish them I will finish my scarf – the silk garden was hurting my hands so I put it aside for awhile.  My next scarf will probably be “My so called scarf” in Malabrigo Verde Azul.  I have two skeins of this yarn, but they aren’t from the same dyelot.  One is a little lighter than the other.  I’m wondering if I could use them both in a scarf wthout it looking weird.  Maybe alternating them throughout?  The change isn’t huge, but I don’t want the scarf to look strange.

In other news…

I am one of those people who never deletes anything from their computer.  Recently Marc and I combined our computers, because we don’t need two – he works on computers for a living so I’m the only one who really uses it.  Going through my old hard drive I found some craaazy pictures of myself from high school, including this gem.

Yes, that’s my sophomore homecoming dance picture, circa 1994.  The dress!  The hair!  The date!  The horribly awkward pose!  Yes, I like to choose the best photos of myself to share with the entire internet.

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