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Gloomy day…

Today suffers from a severe case of being gloomy.  Check out the view from my balcony

And why is the balcony door open?  Because once again it’s too hot in here to leave the doors and windows shut… in November.  Apparently our condo is the warmest, and at least one unit has radiators that aren’t even working now… so maybe we’re lucky?

But I am not gloomy, because I have…

a sock!

I finished it last night, later than I’d really like to admit that I stay up knitting.  I cast on for the second sock this afternoon, and I’ve already done almost three inches of the leg.  The first sock has a few… issues.  Most of those I’ve already mentioned, and none of them are especially bad except for the row of purl stitches on the heel.  I did note that I have smaller than usual ankles and heels, and I think it would be useful for me to adapt future sock patterns to my weird feet.  Isn’t the color great?  I’m completely in love with it.  And I’m not confirming anything, but it’s possible that I may have bought yarn to make another pair.  I got an order from Angelika’s yarn store awhile back, and they included a sample card of all the Lorna’s laces yarns.  I think I would like to try their sock yarn, so I’m going to get some in the color “lucky stripe,” which combines pink and orange.

I love variegated yarns, but I’m pretty picky about them.  I want all of the colors to be similar hues in terms of their relative light/darkness.  That way any pooling isn’t especially bothersome.  The socks I’m working on now are my idea of a great handpaint – it gives depth but doesn’t scream at you.

Now I’m off to mass – my first of four this weekend!