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Morning… so painful…

I am not a morning person.  This much is obvious to anyone who was ever attempted to wake me before ten am.  I’m up now, because today is Sunday so I have to be at my church by 8:30, so I got up at seven, took a shower, and saw Marc off.  Marc is playing a scrabble tournament this weekend.  Did I mention that he plays scrabble competitively?  That’s right!  I recommend the documentary Word Wars, which is about the competitive scrabble world.  Marc has played against some of the guys featured in the documentary, and can confirm that yes, they really are that crazy.  It’s a really great documentary, even if you aren’t into Scrabble (and I’m not).

I think I found a stole pattern for my Elann Alpaca yarn – it’s the Princess Wrap, free from Classic Elite

Isn’t it pretty?  I like that it’s geomentric rather than leafy.  I am rather tired of leaf motifs in lace.

Speaking of Classic Elite, the only one of their yarns I have used is their “flash” yarn, which is a decent worsted weight cotton.  I’ve become completely obsessed with getting my hands on their new “Desert” yarn, in the color 2015.

I want to make a Lady Eleanor entrelac stole out of it, but WEBs only has one in stock.  I wrote them and asked if they were getting more.  They said yes, but weren’t specific on when… but I’m going to wait.  I have plenty of projects for now, and if I’m going to have to buy 12 balls of this stuff I want it to be with their discount.

Enough time wasting… time to get ready and go play two masses!

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