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I’m so embarrassed…

Yes, I’ve done it again.  I must make a confession.  The Hourglass sweater?  Sort of fits… really well.  I kind of love it.  Yes, once again I have been fooled by a project.  I ought to be kept away from my waste yarn until the project is finished.  I finished the knitting tonight while watching “Battlestar Galactica” and awaiting my last mass of the day (it’s at 7:30).   I thought “hmm, should I bother sewing the hems” and then I thought “better try it on” and then “oops”.  Yes, it fits very well, and I’m glad it isn’t any longer – I am, as I said, very short waisted, and it would have been too long if it were 2 inches longer.    I also shortened the sleeves by an inch because I wanted them to not show under a coat.

Ready for the obligatory bad, in the mirror photo?  My excuse is that Marc isn’t home to take the picture.  This picture sucks – the color is much lighter and it shows my unmade bed (Sundays are busy, ok?)  but you get the idea…

It fits!  My knitting confidence is restored.  Now I just have to figure out those hem directions and get Marc to take nice photos and it will be finished, in about 2 and a half weeks – not bad!

3 thoughts on “I’m so embarrassed…

  1. Hi, I think your sweater looks great. I don’t know what you’re fretting about. 🙂

    Sorry about the unsolicited plug, but I thought you’d be interest in the new wiki I’m trying to set up. It’s a place for crafty-types to post tutorials, patterns, and general craft-related knowledge. Check it out at if you interested.

  2. I’ve done that – fret endlessly (and publicly) about how a project was turning out – and wind up loving it. There’s a lesson in there somewhere….

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