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Happy yarnday!

I’m approaching the end of my hourglass sweater – only a few more yoke decreases to go and it will be finished except for the sewing.  I still think it’s too big, but I’m oddly not bothered.  I’ll block it, and if it’s still too big I’ll just chalk the whole thing up to experience and reuse the yarn.  I think knitting this sweater has been a great experience (my first “bottom up” sweater), but if it doesn’t work that’s ok.

I’m finding myself avoiding cotton yarns now – even the blends like the KP mainline.  It makes for such a heavy sweater, and the drape just isn’t what I would like.  This afternoon I went out yarn browsing – to Dee’s crafts (local craft store) and to the Knit Nook.  I made a point to touch lots and lots of yarns, and what I generally found was that I don’t even want to touch the cotton yarns.  It was a good day – I hadn’t looked at the yarns at Dee’s before, and I was happy to find that they stock cascade, lorna’s laces, Noro, and lots of other nicer brands, some which the Knit Nook doesn’t carry.  I didn’t buy anything there, and went onto my favorite LYS, the Knit Nook, to browse.  I was looking for sock yarn, because I’ve decided that I shouldn’t knock sock knitting until I’ve tried at least one pair.  I was very tempted by some DB Cashmerino Aran in the bright teal blue, but I resisted.  Here’s what I did get

The magazines were 50% off, so I was glad I had waited on buying them!  The yarn is Brown Sheep co Wildfoote in Bluegrass.  I love the color name (I am from Kentucky, the Bluegrass state!) and really they have a very limited selection of sock yarn – but I wanted to buy something from them because I’ve done some online ordering and felt like I was cheating on them (see below).  Now I need a beginner sock pattern!  Is toe up or top down better to start with?  Hmm…  Here’s a closeup of the yarn color – blue and green (of course!)

When I got home from my yarn shopping, there were boxes of yarn waiting for me (when it rains it pours!)  I wasn’t expecting them yet, so it’s a super good day.

I ordered from the Loopy Ewe this week, because I wanted to get Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport in Baltic Sea, and the LYS didn’t have any.  I have to commend them on excellent, quick service.  My order shipped the next morning, and arrived beautifully packed up

She included Regia yarn samples,  needle inventory sheets, and a lovely handwritten note.  And the yarn – mmm, I love the color!  I bought it for armwarmers, but now I’m thinking maybe I need to make a mini clapotis – I just adore the colors, and hey – a girl can never have too many, right?

My Elann order came too, which is especially impressive when you realize that I ordered on Thursday.  I swear, it must have come by magic carpet!  I’d never ordered from Elann before – the shipping put me off – but I was lured in by the Baby Cashmere, here in Tapestry Blue

I’m going to make the Falling Water Scarf  out of this yarn.  It’s unbelievably soft, and as far as I’m concerned a total bargain.  I can’t wait to work with it!

I also got a whole bunch of their Highland Silk yarn, ostensibly to make the Gatsby Girl sweater from IWknits Fall 06, but really who knows.  It’s gorgeous, has very, very slight variations that give it depth, and is incredibly soft.

Lastly, I got Elann’s Pure Alpaca in the color Jasper to make a stole out of. The color is a gorgeous deep green with flecks on blue.

I can’t believe this yarn got here in 3 days from Canada!  Take that Knitpicks, and your $#%^& sortation center!  Anyway, I’m completely impressed with Elann’s yarn, and I anticipate many future orders.

Excuse me now, I have a mass to play, and then I’m going to fondle my yarn some more…

3 thoughts on “Happy yarnday!

  1. So I’m just learning about yarns now that i’ve resolved to follow a pattern andmake nice things with yarn. What type of yarn do you like working with? I want to try a cape that I found a free pattern for, so I’d like some nice yarn for it!

  2. Hmm… well, in general I’d say it depends on the weight your pattern calls for (DK, worsted etc). As a general rule though, I always go with natural fibers. Wool, alpaca, and cotton yarns can all be found for not too much money. I just think the feel against your skin is so much nicer than synthetics. If you want specific recommendations, just let me know the yarn weight (or link to the pattern) and I’ll try to help!

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