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What time is it?

You know what time it is.

Isn’t the resemblance between Marc and Flav uncanny?  I was Preshuss (misspelling intentional).  One of our friends spent the night asking why I wasn’t getting a drink for my man Flav.


Yes, we’ve been to two different Halloween parties now, although we opted not to dress for the second.  I think I’m officially Halloweened out.

All of this means I’ve had negative knitting time, but I have made good progress on my Hourglass sweater

I’m more than halfway to the sleeves!  I don’t exactly understand what to do once I get there, but I’m trying to “trust the pattern” here.

I ripped out the SWS scarf and started a simple chevron scarf instead.  I like it better, but I’m not sure it is meant to be anyway.  I find knitting with the SWS to be weirdly akin to knitting with my cat’s hair… or at least how I’d imagine it will be.  I promise I don’t sit around a spin poor little Leon’s hair.
I am, however, on the lookout for a pattern.  I would like to make a Ruana for my Mom.  A Ruana is sort of a cross between a poncho and a faroese (sp?) shawl.  It’s open in the front like a shawl, but it’s shaped to stay on in the front, with long panels that can be wrapped.  She used to have one which was handwoven for her, but she’s since lost it, and recently commented how much she misses it.  I’m looking for something that won’t take 900 years to knit, so the one in “Folk shawls” is out.  I’m fine with a single color, preferably bulkier weight and textured.  I just can’t find a pattern that I like.  I want something simple and elegant, but most everything I’ve seen is just “too much.” Does anyone have any ideas?

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