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Patons SWS

Since I don’t have enough yarn or projects, I decided to browse around Michael’s today.  Usually that’s only slightly dangerous, as I’m unlikely to buy yarn there, and I’m offended that they don’t stock DPNS under size 8.  I happened upon the new Patons SWS (Soy wool stripes) and had to pick up a few balls to play with.  I decided that the self striping yarn needed an uncomplicated repeating pattern, so I went with the Misty Garden scarf pattern from scarf style (it’s basic feather and fan if you don’t know the pattern.)

I spent forever looking for a retro sort of 70s “ripple” pattern, but decided that the color changes were too gradual for that – I’ll save the one I found for later, when I feel like dealing with multiple balls of yarn, and possibly I’ll crochet it.  I’m not really sure how I feel about this yarn.  It’s not as nice as SWTC’s Karaoke, although it is cheaper and all natural.  It’s very soft and has a nice sheen, but it’s also terribly easy to split and hairy.  Did I mention hairy?

That’s a whole lot of fuzz, and I am known for my dislike of fuzzy yarn.  So I don’t know… to keep going on this or not?  I’m pretty sure I would love the finished result, I just don’t want the knitting to be too hard on my hands.  Maybe I’ll keep going a bit and see how I feel.  I swear, after my current projects (noro, cotton, sws) are finished I’m going to buy the softest, most gentle yarn possible.  I think I’ll deserve it.