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Knitting in Santa Fe

I was happy to discover that the finace of Marc’s friend was also a knitter, so we happily talked about knitting and felting.  She told me about a local shop, which I visited.  It was ok, but I didn’t find anything special.  We also went to the farmer’s market, where there were several yarn booths – but I can’t bring myself to buy handspun thick/thin yarns – pretty though they are I know I would never use them.

I had some minor insomnia during the trip, so I managed to finish Marc’s scrunchable scarf. 

Yarn: Araucania Nature wool, 1 full skein (220 yds)
Needles: US6
Finished Size: Approximately 5′ long by 5″ wide

Comments: I found working on this scarf to be tedious at times, but I love the finished result.  The pattern looks like ribbing but isn’t, so it lies flat and shows off the lovely color variations in the wool.  The wool is an average level of scratchiness, and is definitely not worsted weight or I would have been done long ago.  Marc loves it, and he can finally retire his ratty old scarf as soon as I block it (it doesn’t need blocking, but he’s requested I condition the wool for softness.)

In much more sad news, the Something red sweater is no more.  I found myself dreading working on it, and I also came to the realization that I wasn’t going to wear the color… so I frogged the whole thing.  I feel better now – as though a terrible weight is off my shoulders.  I now have a ginormous ball of shine worsted in wave with no real plans for it.  I’m considering getting rid of some of my shine yarn (I have lots) because it was purchased pre red hair, and I have to be pickier with color now.  So if anyone wants to buy any, let me know… I may make a post about it later.

I’m happy to have finally started the Hourglass sweater.

The yarn is Knitpicks mainline in Blueberry.  The color is very true on my monitor.  I had to go down to size 6 needles to get gauge.  Hopefully this sweater will bring me better luck!

I also started a Short row rib scarf (from Magknits) in Noro Silk Garden 008.

The pattern is super easy once you get started, and I adore the yarn color.

I arrived home to some packages.  Knitpicks sent me relacements for my defective options cables – their customer service is wonderful!  I also got two WEBs packages.

The SWTC Karaoke in Mermaid mix, for Clapotis

And an unexpected package containing Silky Wool that I thought wasn’t coming!

The green will become a lacy scarf, and the purple is for the Rowena Cardi from Knit 2 together… sometime.  It will be awhile before that gets started!

And what would this post be without a random house picture?  I got new candles for the kitchen window

Yes, I’ve been shopping at the mexican grocery.

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