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Packing blues

We leave tonight after my choir rehearsal… the plan is to drive through the night (I am shortly going to go back to bed in an attempt to sleep as much as possible) and arrive tomorrow afternoon. I’m not totally sure exactly what we’re doing there. We do have a room at a B&B reserved, because we don’t like to stay in chain hotels. They reserved blocks of rooms at the comfort inn, but if we can stay somewhere for the same price and support independent business I would much rather do that. There are pre-wedding activities, of course, including one bar night, a gallery tour, and a barbecue. I’m certain that it will all be very fun. Marc is apprehensive, but I think that’s mostly about the drive.Me? I’m not worried about the drive. We’ve rented a sedan (teach them to give us unlimited mileage!) and I’ve loaded my Ipod up with episodes of “This American life” and more musicals than you can shake a stick at (no, I don’t know how many that would be.)

I don’t have my knitting bag packed yet – it’s going to wait until last as always! I’ll take the Something Red sweater, of course. I has another 2 inches of body ribbing, and then I can get to the sleeves. I need to go to the Knit Nook this afternoon and buy some size 7 DPNs. I thought I had some, but apparently not. You may have noticed that I rarely go to the yarn store, even though it’s 2 blocks from here. It’s because I’m way too easily tempted by the pretty… although I am on the lookout for some Brown Sheep Cotton Fine, and if they have any I may cave. I’m also planning to finish Marc’s scarf and hopefully start the Short Row Rib Scarf in Noro Silk Garden 008. My next sweater project is an Hourglass sweater, but I’m trying not to look too far ahead – if I did I would never get around to finishing this evil sweater!

So… see you all when we get back next Monday!