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The cursed sweater

I’m really beginning to believe that my “Something red” sweater is cursed.  Last night I was cleaning the living room, and I went to put away the sweater for a bit.  I absentmindedly placed it around my shoulders to check the size and heard a “pop”.  I freaked out, threw it down, and saw this:

Yes, that’s right – the needle cable actually separated itself from its base.  It didn’t come unscrewed – it came off.  I fired off a disappointed email to knitpicks about this.  I still love the needles, and this was a cable I had just switched to, so it’s likely defective, but still it’s awfully disappointing.  This is not supposed to happen.

I found myself filled with murderous thoughts of frogging the sweater, but then Marc’s old college roommate called out of the blue, wanting us to go out to meet them at Za’s pizza… so instead of  murdering my knitting we stayed out until 3:30 in the morning.  I have been a zombie all day – but I do think that the wife of Marc’s roommate is interested in joining the stitch n bitch I’m trying to start up, so all was not a loss!  Plus Marc hadn’t seen his friend in years, and it turns out they’ve bought a house a few blocks from us.  And I really liked his wife.  So it was pretty exciting.

I was still depressed about my knitting tonight, so rather than sitting down and trying to fix it, I bought shoes.

  In my defense, Payless was having a buy one get one half off sale, so all of these shoes were only 50 dollars.  Plus I’m obsessed with cute flats at the moment and I only had one pair… and look at those heels – how hot are they, in blue patent leather with wood heels.  The second pair aren’t actually flat – they have little tiny kitten heels which I love.  I’m not a huge fan of ballet flats, but I did get the one pair.  It’s possible, although I’m not confirming anything, that I may have bought a pair of footless tights to wear with them.

Then I took a nap (my sleep habits are so messed up right now!)  and finally found the courage to fix my sweater.  I think it will be ok – I only had to tink back half a row, and I didn’t drop any stitches.  I officially hate it now, but hopefully that’s going to improve.  I have church in the morning… hmm, do we think I will sleep?  I’m having my doubts.  My three hour “nap” will probably give me insomnia.

WEBs finally sent my order (remember the yarn for the clapotis?)  I really wanted it for our trip, but we leave on Tuesday.  And the yarn won’t be here til Wednesday.  So sad… but at least maybe Marc’s scarf will finally get finished!

Ok, I’ll try something less depressing… Marc made white chili and cornbread for me while I was at church tonight.  He’s the most wonderful man ever, and eternally tolerant of endless knitting talk.