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IW knits winter 06/07

The Interweave Knits winter preview is up here   .  Much better than the disappointing holiday issue. I like these projects


I adore vests and blazers, and geometric prints for lace are my favorites – plus, yay for rectangular stoles – I find the triangle shawls to be so useless to me.  There are some questionable looking patterns too (what the heck is up with that “yoke” sweater?) but overall it looks like a nice issue.  I don’t know if I’ll buy it – I’ll check out the library’s copy first.

I’m making progress on the cardigan – I’m past the two increase rows now, and I’m very happy with my decision to rip back – you can hardly see the increase now!  To anyone making this pattern – do not do a “make one” increase – it will leave a hole!  Use the increase described in my last post.  I used the right side on, and it turned out great!

Of course, now I’m worried that it’s too big – I can try it on, but it’s impossible to tell until the edging goes on.  Yes, I’m a paranoid knitter.  Hmm… maybe I should rename my blog “the paranoid knitter” – I’ve been looking for a change!

One thought on “IW knits winter 06/07

  1. I understand about the cardigan, although I didn’t think it looked bad before. I’ve had several projects that I ripped out much later because I was never quite happy with them. Better to fix it now!

    I’m so excited to meet another knitty Stargate fan! It’s probably my favorite thing to watch while knitting- I have seasons 1-8 on DVD (although I refuse to get any others since I heart Richard Dean Anderson). I also am a big Trek fan, mostly TOS. So cool to find like-minded people!

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