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Frogged out

Yesterday while I was at work I thought about the Something Red sweater… and decided that I just wasn’t going to be happy with it as it was.  No point in spending hours on a sweater only to leave it in the closet because of a mistake, right?  This is the same thinking that led to me reknitting that multidirectional scarf three times… but in the end I love my scarf, and I want to love this sweater.

I got home and swatched a few more increase methods, finally deciding on either this KLL or KRL (knit left or right loop) increase – I’ll decide when I get there and see what direction it needs to go – on the wrong side of the work.  Then… it was time to frog.  I wanted to frog back to the ribbing before the increase section, but I was incapable of threading my size 4 circular through that, so I went with the last row of stockinette.  I ripped back, and happily only dropped one stitch – and since I was using interchangable needles I just screwed the size 7s back onto the cable and started knittng again!
So this

Became this

Only another inch or two til I get to try my increase, and this time I’m not giving up until I’m satisfied!

It’s not hot in here anymore, but that’s because it’s currently 48 degrees outside, not because we got the radiators turned down.  When we tried that last night, this is what happened

Why yes, that is the radiator knob, why do you ask?  The last people that owned this place painted over everything – and I do mean everything – light switches, electrical outlets, windows, hinges, and apparently also radiator knobs.  Trying to break loose the paint on this one caused it to snap – so we just completely turned the other radiator in the room off, and hopefully it will balance out.  I like having radiators for the cheap electric bills and because the heat is more gentle, but this is no fun.

I am slowly moving the rest of my things in here.  Today we got Mr. Pig

It’s completely crazy how many pig shaped things I own… and this is a green pig, so he must be my favorite.  Marc named him Clyde, so this is clyde the pig.  We’re eclectic here!

One thought on “Frogged out

  1. Bold move on the Something Red. I lack your courage – but I think it will pay off for you when it is completed.

    Clyde is super cute. Nice of him to keep your spoons so organized.

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