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Progress (but I still don’t like it)

I’ve been working like mad on Something Red, which has another 4 inches remaining before I can get to the sleeves. Sadly, it’s still looking like a big lumpy nothing.

I knew before I started that the ribbing increases were going to be problematic (I did my internet research!) I tried a whole bunch on different increases, and then finally found a suggestion on a blog somewhere that I liked (increasing on the RS instead of the WS.) So this is better. But I still don’t like it – there’s no way i can find that you won’t “see” the increase, but at least now there isn’t such a big hole. I’m feeling pretty discouraged about the whole thing. It fits, and I like the color well enough, but I don’t want it to look badly “homemade.” I know, I know – I always hate my projects from about halfway through until the blocking. I seriously loathed rusted root, and now I think it’s lovely. So we’ll have to see.
I also think that I’m tired of Shine, which is sad since it’s my favorite yarn… but I think I’m moving on here, seriously. I still like it, but I’m feeling a longing for deeper shades than are offered, and I’m tired of the drapiness. I’m going to probably make an hourglass sweater next, and then who knows… but watch out, I may be liquidating some of my Knitpicks Shine stash in the near future. In particular I have two grayish shades (cloud and silver sage,) but I no longer like how I look in gray (it’s the red hair), so I know I’m not going to use them up.

I got my hair cut and colored today (still love the red!) and then arrived home to find that someone else in our building had turned on the boiler. I think we should have to have an agreement about this sort of thing, since we aren’t renters, and I would prefer to not have the boiler on when it’s 65 degrees outside, thanks. The cats are unhappy too – where will they spy on the peacocks who escape from Cave Hill cemetary now?

Leon took his frustration out on a box

I think he was upset because he couldn’t find a way to squish his body into this box. Poor kitty… last night he got himself locked in a rubbermaid tub. Luckily we always check for him now, but he really needs to stop with the hiding in things.

And what came in the box? Something to cheer up my gloomy mood on this gloomy day

Silk garden in 008 and 208, from Fuzzy Mabel (who has the fastest shipping ever – major raves here!) These are to cheer me up about my bad Kureyon experience -008’s colors are similar if not exactly the same.

It’s also possible that we bought a new camera off ebay – and possible that I’ve been wandering around like a woman obsessed with the macro function.

You can tell from the second that I still have much to learn.

I framed some pictures of chairs for the living room!

I like it a lot.