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Something Red progress!

Something Red has sleeves!

Is it an exciting knit?  Well, no.  But I do think it’s going to be really cute!  And honestly, I’m not someone to hate on stockinette – not when what I’m really dreading is the rib section I have starting in an inch and a half.  I love the color – and I’m still deciding between short and long sleeves.  I usually prefer my cardigans with long sleeves, but I’m not sure yet… I’ll have to wait until I try it on… which will be soon.  As always, I have a great fear of a huge sweater.

I did decide on the Southwest Trading company Karaoke in Mermaid mix for my second clapotis… I can’t wait for it to arrive!  I also got some deep purple silky tweed for… something, maybe a cardigan.  Hey, it was worth it for the discount, and I didn’t have enough dk yarn.

This afternoon Marc, his friend John and I went to the St. James Court Art Show  , the biggest art show in the region, which is held in Old Louisville (the other historic district, not the one I live in…)  It was incredibly crowded – it was hard to get near enough to see anything, and to be honest I’d rather look at the architecture or sit in Central Park than push my way through crowds.  There were a few fiber artists, but I was mostly disappointed.  Other than a few weavers most of the items were of the “novelty yarn” variety.  Not that I’m trying to be a snob – I think that stuff is adorable on kids, just not… me.  And certainly not for that much money.  I did, however, have to be restrained from buying a painting of a robot.  Hey, it was a cute robot… and have I mentioned my thing for robots?  Not like scary lifelike robots… the adorable retro robots in 1950s and 60s sci fi.  Why yes, I am being geeky again, but damn… I love me some robots.  Marc had me sketch one when we got home, and he’s going to build me a robot to love out of legos.

Speaking of robots (only not really) have you all seen the Nabaztag?

Because I mean damn… I’m not even sure what it does… something with wifi?  I don’t care.  I want one, I need one to sit on my desk and keep me company at night.

“Sometimes they’re shy” (from Thinkgeek)

I am a sucker for the cute.

5 thoughts on “Something Red progress!

  1. Hey there, nice sweater, i like it short sleeves, more original !
    Ohterwise, my Nabaztag’s name is Marvel it connects on the Net via wifi and can sing, light up, speak, wiggle his ears, read you mail subjects, with filters so you know who wrote you when the Pc or Mac is off, read you mp3, he can be in communion with another Rabbit and if you move his ears, your communions friend’s rabbits’ears move the same etc etc , there are new services everyday, weather forecast, traffic, stock market, nabcasts (podcasts like) etc etc

    you will love him
    just too cute and discreet (or crazy)

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