New Vogue knitting and color choices.

We had sushi last night at Osaka, which I think is quickly becoming our favorite sushi place in town.  I love their AAC rolls (avocado, cucumber, and tempura asparagus.)  I will admit to a certain amount of disappointment in my favorite roll – spicy tuna.  Theirs has a sort of orangey sauce on the top, which I don’t like as much as the hotness being on the inside.  Still wonderful though, and great service!
Then we went to Target, where we searched for a wedding present for Patrick’s wedding (the excuse – I mean, the reason  – for our upcoming trip.)  We bought towels, because I always buy the towels on a registry.  And Marc insisted on a meatloaf  pan (it was on the list), because apparently there’s some sort of deal with Patrick and meatloaf.

We went searching for a card too.  What kind of a card do you give to people who are unusual for their wedding?  Everything is so bland and sort of cheese-tastic.  We got one, but it isn’t exactly thrilling.  Oh well.  I told Marc that he’s giving the gift of his presence… or at least the gift of being obligated to  come to  his wedding.
We went to Borders in search of a print copy of “The Onion,” and  guess what I found?  That’s right!  The holiday issue of “Vogue Knitting,” which wasn’t supposed to be on the shelves for another week.  As a side note, I love our local Borders.  It used to be the main store of the local bookstore chain “Hawley Cooke,” but was sold to Borders when the owners wanted to retire.  I was upset, but I’m happy that they have retained their staff – mostly really fabulous gay men who always admire my selection of knitting magazines or cookbooks, and who never fail to compliment my haircolor.  So if it isn’t quite the same, at least the store has retained its “flavor.”

So anyway… Vogue knitting.  The holiday preview is up here  .  I didn’t buy the fall issue because I wasn’t attracted to any of the patterns, but this one was more up my alley.

I’ll be honest… when I saw this braided scarf pattern on the cover I had to buy the magazine.  I adore unusual scarves, and just today (as I was wearing my multidirectional scarf) I thought about how I needed to make a few more scarves for myself this winter.   I have some Knitpicks “Andean treasure” yarn that I think would like to become this scarf.  Mmm… so soft!  The model is knit in an angora blend.

One of the pattern groups is about the color purple, which I am currently having a love affair with anyway.  I love both of these designs, although I wouldn’t make the one on the left due to the endless stockinette.  But the one on the right… ok, so I think it looks just like Zephyr style’s “Ms Marigold” with the addition of a lace panel.  I’m definitely making this one, minus the stupid belt.  This is my favorite after the scarf – and it’s knit in DK weight, meaning I might have some appropriate yarn in my stash.

I also like the purple shawl collared sweater, even though it has cables.  Confession time – I don’t really like the look of cables that much.  I don’t want the added bulk.  Having said that, I’m loving the slimmer straight jeans that are in the season, and I’m in desperate need of longer sweaters to match.  I almost bought a tunic at Target tonight, but I refrained, remembering my “no sweaters I can knit” rule.


I love these two designs, from the lace story.  I’m a sucker for capelets.  I know they’re impractical, but I’m sucked in by the cuteness every time.  And I love cardigans and lace, so the first goes on my list.


I like these, from the “A foreign affair” story, but I love the first jacket in the story even more.  Sadly, it’s not on the preview and I couldn’t get a decent photo.  The shawl, above, is knit in three different stitch patterns.  I love it, but it looks like it would take 9 millions years.

This sweater is gorgeous – look at those flared sleeves!  I love flared sleeves.  I have like giant monkey arms, and nothing makes me happier than sleeves that cover my wrists.  I don’t like the belt though – I look bad in belted things.  It’s the fact that I’m incredibly short waisted – no one looks good with a belt tied and inch under their boobs.  This story also contains a great long sweater coat, which is inexplicibly belted with a regular leather belt.  This seems to be a current trend.  I dont’ get it.

There were a few missteps in this issue too, including an entire story on the use of color which contains some just hideous multicolored sweaters.  Vogues knew better than to put any of those in the preview.  But overall this was a great issue, and has pretty much cemented my desire to subscribe.  I was going to subscrive to Interweave, but I’ve been disappointed in them lately.  I like Gatsby girl and coral crossing from the fall issue, but that’s it – and to be honest I probably won’t make either of them.  They just seem to be going for this strange frumpy look that I don’t get.  And their holiday issue – don’t get me started.  Half the patterns are from other interweave publications – I already have scarf style, thanks.  I’d rather copy the one or two patterns I like from the library’s copy.

Thanks to everyone who helped me to sell my yarn!  I may still have the palette and suri dream left (I’m waiting to hear back from someone.)  You have all made it possible for me to afford the yarn I want for my Clapotis (Southwest trading company Karaoke – love the soy silk.)  Now the question is… which color do I want?

The color on the left is “New blues” and on the right is “Mermaid mix.”  I love them both, and I just can’t decide!  Right now I’m leaning towards getting the mermaid, and then buying Silk Garden in their mostly blue color for a “Short row ribbed scarf”  to get rid of my blue fetish… but I do love that blue yarn!  I’m also trying to decide if I should order now or wait til after we go to Santa Fe.  Choices, choices…

2 thoughts on “New Vogue knitting and color choices.

  1. i too am a HUGE fan of capelets. I have none of my own to speak of, but I still adore them nonetheless. But, what is the ideal tiem of year to wear them? It seems like they’d provide no use in the cool times of year, and in the summer wouldnt’ tehy be too warm?

    I’m thinking that I might like a nice LONG cape to wear during the fall. You know how it’s nto really cold enough to wear a winter coat, but not warm enough to wear a sweater? Cape cape cape! Can you think of any good patterns? I sew, not knit. I guess i’m not asking the best person am i? If only i knit.. you’d have so much advice!

  2. I wish that I could sew, but I’m just hopeless at it. I think I don’t have the patience for all the measuring, and my cutting always comes out wrong. So I guess we’re even there! I like the idea of a long cape, maybe in a soft charcoal color… mmm, I would definitely wear something like that.

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