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Knitting ennui

Yes… I think I am suffering from the knitting ennui.  I’ve been laying off my hands since I finished Rusted Root, working occasionally on Marc’s scarf, but nothing too stressful.  I was feeling better tonight after my rehearsal, so I decided to cast on for the Something Red cardigan, in Knitpicks shine worsted in Wave.  I was going to use the green apple, but let’s face it, the last thing I need is yet another green sweater.  I finished the first eight raglan rows, and it looks to be a pretty simple knit.  I like the shine worsted, and the color is beautiful, but I don’t know… it just doesn’t thrill me.

It could be that I’m upset about the sad state of my Clapotis.  I thought about trying it on larger needles, to see if I can get a better drape, but I’m terrified of injuring myself again.  I love the colors so much – and if I adapted to Silk Garden, why can’t I use the Kureyon?

*sigh* I suppose I can always sell it and buy myself some silk garden in consolation.  I know I could make another Clapotis out of that, and I really want one.  I’ve been wearing the heck out of mine, and I long for one in pretty jewel tones.  In the meantime I’ll plug away at the new sweater.  Maybe watch some Star Trek to cheer myself up.  Shine worsted is easy on my hands, which I think is just what I need right now.  And nothing puts me in a better mood than the unholy love between man and vulcan.

I’ve created a database of all my yarn, plus the projects I want to make with necessary yardages.  In this way I’ve determined that I shouldn’t buy anymore worsted weight yarn (excepting the silk garden of course.)  I lack decent amounts of DK yarns, and I have absolutely no fingering weight.  OK, I have one skein of Knitpicks gloss, but that’s it… and I have about 8 projects I like that use fingering, so I’m on the lookout.  I have some useless yarn too, which makes me kind of sad.  Most of it will get used up, but I have these 14 skeins of knitpicks evergreen Wool of the andes.  I don’t want them, but it hardly seems worth it to sell them.  And then there’s my naturewool.

I love the color blue.  I love royal blue.  But I don’t love this particular shade, and here’s why.  (This is going to sound crazy. ) I live in Kentucky.  More specifically I live in Louisville, home of the University of Louisville.  UofL is, of course, the natural rival of the University of Kentucky.  UK has a very specific shade of blue.  This shade.  No kidding – if I made this into the shawl I intended everyone would ask me about my “wildcat blue” shawl.  I’ve been asked before about other garments.  I don’t care about sports.  I didn’t go to either of the universities in question.  Marc is a UofL employee, but he certainly is no nut either… and yet it bothers me.  I do not want a wildcat blue shawl.  So I’m thinking about overdying the yarn with some green, in the hopes of toning down the brightness.  Is this totally crazy of me?  I like the yarn, and I want it to be my shawl, just not in this color.  Yes, I have lost my mind.

Marc’s scarf is around 1/3 finished, and the tedium is about to kill me.  Never again will I agree to knit something really long in K2P1 rib.  It’s pretty and all, but I find it maddening.  I can’t ignore it like stockinette, and it isn’t interesting like lace.   Fortunately it isn’t likely to be scarf weather here for another two months, so I have plenty of time to plod along.  I want to finish it so I can make another scarf for me… I am so selfish.  Hey, this is why I don’t do gift knitting – only for Marc, and only on request.

4 thoughts on “Knitting ennui

  1. Wow – I am impressed that you have a yarn database for your yarns, patterns, and yardages. Harder to justify impulse purchases, but good in the long run, right? I enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your beautiful knitting!

  2. Kudos on your oeganization! I feel a similar cataloguing splurge coming on.
    By the way, do you have any hints or resources to recommend on overdying? I have some Rowanspun 4-ply in a pink/magenta tweed and I would love to overdye it somehow, maybe a navy blue or black. Thanks a lot!

  3. Hi,

    My name is Wendy, and I just saw this post. I’m looking for some wool to crochet a scarf and hat in UK blue for my boss. I searched and searched online, and couldn’t find anything that looked exactly right until I found your post about this Nature Wool. Can you either:

    Sell me that wool you’re never going to use 🙂 or
    Send me the specifics of it so I can order some from Nature Wool? My email is



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