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Rusted root is finished!

I am writing this on a brand new computer! Well, ok – it’s not exactly brand new, but it is new to me. Marc was up til 2 am last night combining 4 computers into one computer and a server. Plus I have a new monitor that doesn’t take up any room – so exciting!

With a new computer comes an actual working usb card, so I finally have pictures of last week’s FOs.

Pattern: Rusted root from Zephyr Style

Yarn: Knitpicks shine sport in green apple

Needles: US 6 for body and 4 for ribbing.

Size: Small (for 32-35″ bust)
Comments: I do apologize for the lack of detail in this photo. Marc took it, and apparently he wanted “his cat” to be a star on the internet, because all the photos I have feature her. This was a fun knit. It took around 2 weeks, off and on. The pattern was very clear and I was never uncertain how to continue. I did have a few issues – one phantom dropped stitch on a sleeve, which I fixed, and a terrible join where the sleeves meet the body. I had to sew up both armpits during finishing. I’m not sure if that’s normal, since this was my first top town sweater. You can’t tell now though, so I’m not too worried.

Pattern: Multidirectional Scarf, pattern available free online.

Yarn: Noro Silk garden #82, slightly over 2 balls.

Needles: US size 8

Comments: This became, for some reason, the neverending scarf project. I restarted it twice, using different SSKs in the turn. I finally determined that both stitches must be slipped knitwise for this pattern. I initially found the silk garden impossible to work with, but it did soften up. After blocking with some hair conditioner the scarf is wonderfully soft and drapey. The second picture, with flash, shows the colors of the scarf better. I ended up splicing into the middle of the third skein of yarn so that I could get both ends to finish with that lovely purple color. It ended up being 5 and a half feet long, and 4″ wide.

Right now I only have one WIP going. I know – crazy, right? I’m making Marc a Scrunchable scarf in Araucania Nature wool on size 6 needles. Why the size 6 needles you ask? Isn’t that going to take around 50 million years? Why yes, but you see… there’s something you should know about the nature wool. It’s not really worsted weight. Yes, I know that’s what they claim, but there’s no way. I’m thinking it’s closer to sport weight, and quite frankly it approaches fingering. If it weren’t for the lovely colors I wouldn’t use it, but I’m a sucker for variegated shades of the same color. And the scarf is looking quite lovely.

I’ve finished 15″ at this point. Thank god he doesn’t like long scarves.

I also have a picture of the Clapotis of doom.

You see how it doesn’t even want to be photographed? It’s evil I tell you! Look at my poor little hand there… thanks to Clapotis I had to play all weekend with aching wrists, which is just not normal for me… knitting does not really hurt my hands. I haven’t taken it off the needles yet though… I couldn’t bring myself to. The colors are really just so lovely… I really want to find a way to work it without my hands hurting. I’ll keep trying.

I need another new WIP, but I have so many choices! I’m thinking of making the “Something red” cardigan out of either green apple or wave shine worsted. I don’t have enough green apple to make it long sleeved though, and I like long sleeves. And then I have all those new books – I could start something out of them. I am paralyzed with indecision. Choices are not my friend.

2 thoughts on “Rusted root is finished!

  1. The green apple scarf is lovely, and the scarf you are making for Marc does look very much worth the effort.

    Hope the thing with your hands hurting works out … no fun to have hurting hands and they can get such a workout while knitting.

    Best wishes,

  2. Your Rusted Root is fantastic. I really want to take a crack at that pattern (although I have never tried a sweater before).

    Hang in there on the clapotis! It will all be worth it.

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