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Broken equipment again

I thought that living with a “computer guy” would mean always having working computers.  This was an incorrect assumption.  It actually means that we’ll have lots of extra components lying around, but no working USB ports.  The ports on the computer were already broken, but 2 days ago the laptop completely died, so now I have none I can use.  I do have a computer, and I think tonight it’s going to get cannibalized for its extra usb card.  I did get a brand new 19″ flat LCD monitor from my Dad yesterday – great excitment about that!  I’ve been wanting one forever.

I’ve finished rusted root and the multidirectional scarf, and I’m dying to post my pictures.  Tonight, I promise.  Right now I’m on “knitting rest” because of a very naughty project.  I have eight balls of Noro Kureyon in color #52.  It’s gorgeous, and of course I want to use it.  I started another Clapotis in the yarn, using size eight needles, and I swear… I can’t work on it for 30 minutes without straining a tendon in my hand.  I’m not sure what it is – would bigger needles help?  I feel like the yarn is just fighting with me all the time – it’s tight, and no matter how I try to knit loosely it stays that way.  It’s reminding me unpleasantly of my kidsilk haze expermiment.  I’m open to suggestions, if anyone has any.  As it is, I think that later on tonight I’m going to be frogging the little bit I have finished.  I’d love another pattern for the Noro, if the Clapotis isn’t going to work.  I want my hands to quit hurting so that I can at least work on the scarf I’m making for Marc.   I tend to baby my hands – they’re my livelihood, so I can’t afford to ignore pain.  I have to play another mass tonight – maybe after that I’ll knit a few rows on the scarf and consider my options.