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Stupid scarf!

Tonight we went to Rich O’s, which is a pub/pizza place with an amazing beer list.  Well, I don’t really like beer, but Marc was happy.  Unfortunately, it’s in Indiana, and I have a severe allergy to Indiana after living there for 4 years.  We were saying goodbye to a friend moving to San Francisco, so that was sad – but Marc shared a mushroom, olive, and anchovy pizza with me (my favorite!) so that was good.  Why yes, I do love anchovies.  It’s the salt.  I’m a salt fiend.

I came back and couldn’t sleep, so I watched “The Search for Spock,” which remains in my mind a pretty bad Trek movie, but hey, it’s still Trek.  While I was watching (it’s a long movie – lots of extended views of ships to slow movies, but nothing as bad as the first movie)  I worked on my multidirectional scarf

I’m about 3/4 of the way through the first ball of yarn, and it’s going much more quickly this time.  It’s about 4″ wide because I don’t like wide scarves, and because I want it to be long (it will be – I have 2 more balls of Silk Garden #82.)  I do wish that the colors popped more -it’s kind of subdued, which I liked at first but now I’m not sure.  It’s definitely going to need blocking, so hopefully I’ll like it better.  I can always gift it if I decide it’s not me.

I really want to finish so that I can start on Marc’s scarf.  I want to do “Interlocking Balloons” from Scarf Style.

He picked it out, and I picked out yarn in his requested color, red.  It’s araucania Nature Wool

The picture is obviously not mine.  I hope the pattern will look nice in the slightly variegated yarn, and I’m going to make a matching hat as well.

Either Leon or Dionne stole my yarn needle (actually my entire needle case) so I still haven’t weaved in the ends of Rusted root.  Soon, I promise.  I want to get started on another big project, possibly another Clapotis in Noro Kureyon 52

That is my picture, and aren’t the colors gorgeous?  I have eight skeins.  I know I’m crazy to do another Clapotis so soon, but I’ve been wearing the first one constantly and getting so many compliments, and I’d like one that matches more of my clothes.  I don’t find Kureyon to be too scratchy – well, it is scratchy, but I don’t mind.  I’m pretty tough.

I’m trying out having one big project and one small project going at a time.  That allows me to carry the small one and work on the big one at home.

I’m off all day tomorrow, because it’s church choir night.  I appreciate my church job, both because I like the people there, and because it allows me to make a living teaching.  Otherwise I would have to get some sort of soulless job which I would no doubt hate, and which I would quickly get fired from (there’s a history there.)