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Supposedly we had a flood around here on Friday night, although I personally didn’t observe any crazy amounts of water.  Some of our friends got flooded basements, which is unusal since we live in the Highlands (get it?  High-lands, as in on a big giant hill and not supposed to flood.)

I was in Cincinnati, Marc’s hometown, visiting with his family.  I think Cincinnati is a very nice city, but for me it doesn’t hold a candle to Louisville.  Fortunately for me, Marc feels the same way.  He even moved back here after grad school in Wisconsin, rather than returning to his hometown.  Cincinnati is going to have an IKEA though, and I’m so jealous that I could die.  I see many “family visits” in my future.

Rusted root is nearly finished.  I’ve completed everything except the neck edging, and that should take less than an hour once I feel like finishing.  Pictures soon, I promise!  I tried it on, and I’m really pleased with it.  It fits perfectly, and my sleeves have retained their puffiness.  My only problem is a gap in the join at the bottom of the sleeve cuffs.  I’ll just sew it up when I weave in the ends, but I do wonder why it gapped so badly.

I restarted my Multidirectional scarf tonight for the third time.  I’m confused about how to SSK.  Some directions say to slip both purlwise, and the video on shows slipping one knit and one purl.  I’ve been doing that, but my seam was all bumpy, and I was unhappy.  I looked at the directions, and lo and behold I’m supposed to slip both as if to knit.  I tried that, and instantly the bumps went away.  So I ripped and restarted, because I knew I wasn’t going to be happy with it the way that it was.  I also made the scarf more narrow – 4 inches wide instead of 5, because I dislike wide scarves.  So it should at least be faster.  And I’ve now learned that frogging silk garden is no fun, because it sticks to itself – but it does soften up with handling.

I had a disappointing Goodwill trip today.  I got a few shirts and a purse, plus a few shirts for Marc, but it was really crowded and picked over.  I went to Barnes and Noble to cheer myself up, and looked at the new Tracey Ullman knitting book.  I love the projects in this book – I want to do all the sweaters, plus the bathmats and tablerunner.  I’m definitely asking for this book for Christmas.  It’s so pricey – 27 dollars.  No way would I get it for myself.  18 on Amazon isn’t bad, but I’ll have to wait til after we go to Santa Fe to buy anymore books.  I want  the new Romantic Knits  (retail 29.95!) as well, but I might get a few Rowan Magazines instead (many of the patterns are from Rowan books.)

I need to decide on my next big project, now that Rusted root is nearly done.  And I really want to make the “Peas in a pod” cardigan from the Tracey Ullman book.  I should make an Hourglass sweater, but alas I am easily tempted by pretty new things.

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