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I *heart* Goodwill

Obviously I must have some way to finance my yarn hobby. I achieve this by shopping for almost everything else at my local Goodwills and thrifts. I shop at Goodwill so often that the employees know Marc and I by name. I have managed to procure a very nice (and really huge) wardrobe for myself by rifling through the racks like a hawk and giving the evil eye to anyone who approaches my cart. I would save more money, however, if I could manage to avoid the temptation to buy the absurd. For instance:

Why yes, that book is titled “Psychic Discoveries behind the iron curtain”. And it’s every bit as awful as that title would suggest, being filled with overly long physical descriptions of “strapping, vodka loving Commie psychics” and how our government is foolishly unconcerned about the “Psychic Gap.” God I adore this sort of thing.


I must confess to being a big giagantic Star Trek fan. It’s entirely possible that I currently have “Star Trek III: The Search for Spock” in the DVD player. It’s even possible that I may, at one time, have attended a convention. I’m not saying.
But even if you aren’t a fan, how awesome is this book? It’s teenage Worf, complete with a pretty unrealistic narrative voice and a little wispy moustache in the picture on the cover. And this one, unlike the psychic book, I actually finished. It wasn’t bad – a little rough in the characterization, and in randomly throwing in a meeting with Geordi that changes Worf’s life, but whatever. If I had had this book at 12 I would have been awfully happy.

When I haven’t been thrifting in awhile I start to actively worry about all the cool things I’m missing out on. What if there were a cookbook called “Making the most of meat” (no, I already have that one…) What if I could have added to my collection of souveneir piggy banks from unlikely places?  Someone else has my pig from the Leaning tower of Pisa, darnit!
I haven’t been this week. Hopefully this weekend will afford some opportunities.  Tomorrow we go to Cincy.  Perhaps thrifts there?  Or at least the giant store at the Gap company distribution center. I have more than once bought brand new Banana Republic leather coats there for 20 dollars.

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Yarn is here!

I got my new yarn from Knitpicks summer sale!  I’m pretty happy with most of my selections.  I’m completely in love with the Green Apple shine worsted.

Green is my favorite color, and apple green is my favorite shade.  My kitchen is this color, along with easily half my wardrobe and everything else I buy that Marc doesn’t watch out for (my car is green, ok?)  Interestingly, green apple shine worsted is a different color from shine sport.  I’m making my rusted root from shine sport green apple, and they’re nowhere close.  Merino Style in aspargus is pretty close though.

This is to make the “Backyard leaves” scarf from Scarf Style.

Can you endure a few more pictures of yarn?

Clockwise from top left: Mainline in Blueberry, Shine sport in Aquamarine, Shine worsted in wave, and Shine sport in silver sage.

I like them all.  The Wave is my least favorite, but I’d imagine that come spring I’ll love it again.  The blueberry is for an hourglass sweater.  The silver sage is an interesting color… I only hope that it’s going to look good on me.   And the aquamarine will also be for next spring.

I love knitpicks, but we’re going to have a fight if they: A. don’t improve their shipping (a week in the sortation center? ) and B. don’t come up with better colors for some of their lines.  For instance, I love the mainline, but it doesn’t come in decent colors.  I only like the blueberry and the cocoa (dark brown.).  And the shine yarn is my favorite (of course) but I really wish that it came in some more subdued colors.

Ah well… I have more yarn coming (better get knitting!) and maybe I’ll develop a new favorite.  I possibly may have a wee problem with sales.  I look at it this way though – I do use up the yarn I buy pretty regularly, so at least I’m getting it on sale.  And I usually don’t buy without a purpose.  Even if I change my mind or don’t get to it for months, at least it has a purpose.  My only current purposeless yarn is some knitpicks WOTA that I bought way back when I started crocheting.  It’s pretty itchy, and it’s a drab sort of olive green, so who knows what I’m going to do with it.  And some old acrylics, but I really should get rid of them.

Only 5 more inches on my sweater before I can start the ribbing!  I’m starting to suspect that I should have made the XS.  I tried it on, and it fits ok but will not be formfitting.  I’m worried that blocking the lace panel is going to make it humungo.  Why is determining the size to make so shrouded in mystery?  Ah well… I think I’ll like it anyway.  It’s the magic of puff sleeves.  Green puff sleeves.  So happy.