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Darn you Knitpicks!

My package finally left the sortation center tonight after spending nearly an entire week there.  I suppose that means I’ll get it on Thursday, and then I’ll be able to offer up some yarn p0rny goodness.

Marc has been bugging me about knitting him a hat and scarf for the upcoming winter.  It’s my punishment for making him get rid of the Bengals hat he’s had since the 1980s.  I asked him what color he wanted, and he requested red.  I don’t have any red yarn in stash, because I fear it clashing with my hair, so I went onto WEBS and found that they had Araucania Nature Wool for less than 5 dollars a skein… mmm, my favorite wool, such pretty lightly variegated colors, and such amazing yardage!  I ordered two skeins in Brick for him – sort of a rust/red/brown mix.  Now I just need to decide on patterns for his presents.

The Nature wool isn’t discountable, but there is a free shipping code out right now, so I also got Nature wool is lapis blue and silvery grey (3 skeins each) for myself.  One of them will be an Ella shawl, and the other maybe the Clapotis I keep thinking about for my Mom.  I’m not sure yet.  In addition (I know, I know – had to get to $50!)  I got one skein of silky wool in teal, and a skein of malabrigo in verdeazul , both for scarves, and because I am a total sheep when it comes to trying things everyone is raving about.

I have been knitting – I’ll have to, if I ever want to use up this yarn!  Rusted root is 1/3-1/2 finished.

I’m nearly finished with the shaping decreases.  I may add an extra set, because I have unusual measurments, and I want it to be small enough.

No new pics of the multidirectional scarf, because I’ve only done maybe 6 rows since the last.  It’s my “carrying” project to work, and I haven’t had much downtime lately.

And, of course, the obligatory cute cat pic of the day.

You see, I do have two cats!  This is Dionne, hiding underneath my drycleaning.  She’s Marc’s baby, although she was my cat first, before I met him.  Ever since she’s been around him she’s totally forgotten about me to become a giant Daddy’s girl.  When we watch tv she’ll sit on the arm of the sofa next to him and await scratching.  It’s ok, since Leon is my baby, and he regards Marc with great suspicion. I suspect jealousy – when we were first dating he would literally wedge himself between us.

Crazy cat lady?  Not me!

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