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See? I do other crafts!

Well, make that I used to do other crafts, before knitting took over my life.  I am working on “Spring in my Garden”, although I will admit that it’s been a month since I worked on it.

I probably have 4 or 5 cross stitch WIPs, and lord only knows when I’ll finish them all.

This is Mouline Rogue, which is lovely but not even half finished.  What you see is easily two months work, and this is coming from someone who is a really fast sewer.  It’s stitched over one thread instead of two, so basically what would normally be 1 stitch becomes 4.

And finally… the crochet project that converted me to knitting… Ladylike lace gloves

I know it isn’t the best picture, but I think you can tell that it’s sort of floppy and loose, and the lace pattern isn’t clearly defined.  And I made the smallest size and got gague. (with Knitpicks palette in Bark… I have 7 balls of this stuff, any suggestions?)

Compare with the set of Voodoo armwarmers I just finished (hey, I have an obsession with fingerless gloves, ok?)

I love the way that the knitted fabric stretches to fit my (incredibly skinny) wrists.  I do still like crochet for some things, due to its sturdiness, but to be honest I’m now a total knitting convert.  I don’t have any crochet WIPs, and no plans for any.  Well, I might make an afghan… we have radiators for heat here, and I expect it to be chilly in the living room come december.   And knitting an afghan… no way.  Crocheting is so much faster.

I feel bad now, like I’m dissing my other hobbies.  I hope they understand – and I promise to eventually get around to finishing my lovely lady up there.  I have a goal of making the whole set (there is a pattern for every season) and hanging them all together.  And they aren’t too bad… I’ve finished designs that were much larger.