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Rusted root progress!

Rusted root now officially has sleeves!

I’m about 45 repeats into the pattern, so now I’m at the part where I just measure for length.  I just started ball #3, and I have 7, so hopefully I should have just enough.  I haven’t had any real problems except for one stitch that went missing on one of the sleeves.  I saw what I thought was a dropped stitch, so I went to fix it and suddenly it disappeared.  I tugged all over the place, but nothing’s unraveling, so hopefully it was an illusion brought on by too much knitting tonight.

Also:  my cat is insane.  Lately he’s taken to sleeping on top of my shoes.

It’s cute, but I can’t imagine that it’s comfortable.  He has good taste in shoes though!  I got those shoes last week at the distribution center.  All their returned shoes go on the racks for 20 bucks a pair.  It’s the most awesome thing ever.

My hands are aching tonight.  Last night I made risotto, and I think the constant stirring did my wrists in a little bit.  When you combine that with the fact that I’m a pianist for a living, and my hobbies are embroidery and knitting, you have trouble.  I’ve been pretty lucky so far – minor tendonitis, which is normal in pianists, but nothing more major.

My knitpicks order taunts me.  Damn you, sortation center!  I want my mainline!    I realized after my order had shipped that I should have bought another skein of gloss in concord, because I want to make a long lace scarf.  If you haven’t tried gloss yet… mmm, it’s just the softest sock yarn.  I don’t even make socks, but I’m totally into it.
Tomorrow has been designated for me to find all my winter clothes/shoes and take my coats to the cleaners.  I’m scared to open the storage boxes, I have to tell you.

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