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Progress photos!

Here’s Rusted Root with 16 rounds completed.

This project is so much fun! I’m actually on round 26 now, and I just started my second ball of shine sport.

My multidirectional scarf is also making excellent progress

The colors are slightly less vibrant than they look here (Noro silk garden #82). It’s going to take all 3 balls to make it long enough I think, and even then I may end up gifting this scarf to my Mom. I’m kind of sad about the silk garden actually… the colors are so, so wonderful, but I really dislike the feel of it in my hands. I’m not sure that I’ll actually want to wear it around my neck.

And finally, my finished Clapotis, since I realized I hadn’t ever posted it here

Words cannot express my love for the Clapotis. It’s so perfect, and so wonderfully warm and soft! I adore rectangular shawls because of their ability to double as scarves.

Mad love. Now I really want to make the Lady Eleanor stole, but my silk garden hate makes me sad here… I can’t think of an even vaguely affordable alternative.

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  1. The Clapotis is lovely, and the photos show the softness very nicely. That’s an interesting concept for the B&B … brave for you to have stayed there.

    Enjoyed your blog.


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