I am a sad, sad person. I tried to resist the allure of the Knitpicks summer yarn sale, but I was no match for it. Ok, so maybe I didn’t try so hard…

Rusted Root is coming along very quickly, so I feel justified in my spending! I’m halfway through the increases. I had to restart it once because I inadvertently twisted the join, but it’s all better now!

I ordered Main line in Blueberry, for an Hourglass sweater from “Last Minute Knitted gifts”. I know it seems a little odd… but in truth I am not a fan of wool sweaters. It doesn’t really get cold enough here for me to wear a wool sweater with my coat more than a week out of the year. I appreciate that mercy, as I’m the worst person to deal with in cold weather. Tonight, for instance, Marc and our friend Jason wanted to walk to play triva, maybe 3 blocks away. Me? I drove because the temperature was under 70. Yes, I know… sad.

I also got shine worsted in Green Apple and Wave, for a something red (ok, green) cardigan and the Looking Glass top from the Summer 06 Interweave Knits. I also got Shine sport in Silver sage and Aquarmarine, for the “Somewhat Cowl” and yet another cardigan (I’m not sure which one yet). And some random Merino Style in Asparagus for a scarf. Why yes, since you ask, I am obsessed with the color green. It’s sad, really.

My order is still pending… even if it ships tomorrow, experience tells me that it won’t arrive til Tuesday. I think waiting for yarn is the worst part!