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I’ve been struck down by Marc’s cold this weekend. As per usual, he was better in 2 days, but my cold will no doubt linger until 2008.

Today was Sunday, which means pretty much all I did was go to church. I’m a pianist, and I usually do between 3 and 5 masses a weekend. I did have some time to work on Clapotis tonight – I’m halfway through the 4th repeat on the straight section. It’s finally starting to look like a shawl instead of a strangely striped kerchief. I was getting discouraged, but when I finally sat down and looked at it I realized I had actually achieved more than I thought. Because of its’ shape I think it’s somewhat misleading to look at.

I should get the rest of my Knitpicks needles tomorrow, and I may start a smaller project (voodoo wristwarmers?) in order to keep me from getting too antsy.

3 thoughts on “Sick

  1. Have you ever heard of or tried ColdEze tablets for a cold? They have zinc picolonate in them and work wonders to reduce the symptoms suffered during a cold and the length of time the cold lasts. I high recommend them. Also, if you cut a lemon in half and squeeze the juice of it into a pan with two cups of water, then throw the lemon rinds in and boil everything for about five minutes you can make a tea from the lemon water, add some honey and sip on that for a while. The lemon is a natural decongestant and will help dry up some of the cold as well.


  2. Thanks! I may have Marc pick me up some Coldeze. I usually avoid it because I hate the taste, but I have a wedding to sing this weekend, so I need to get better fast! I’ll try the lemon tea thing too… it sounds similar to something an old voice teacher of mine used to recommend. We singers have all sorts of strange folk remedies for a cold, since in our case losing our voices means lost income.

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