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I’ve been struck down by Marc’s cold this weekend. As per usual, he was better in 2 days, but my cold will no doubt linger until 2008.

Today was Sunday, which means pretty much all I did was go to church. I’m a pianist, and I usually do between 3 and 5 masses a weekend. I did have some time to work on Clapotis tonight – I’m halfway through the 4th repeat on the straight section. It’s finally starting to look like a shawl instead of a strangely striped kerchief. I was getting discouraged, but when I finally sat down and looked at it I realized I had actually achieved more than I thought. Because of its’ shape I think it’s somewhat misleading to look at.

I should get the rest of my Knitpicks needles tomorrow, and I may start a smaller project (voodoo wristwarmers?) in order to keep me from getting too antsy.