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My boyfriend’s parents came into town tonight, and we all went to the Louisville Bats game.  I’m not exactly what you would call a sports fan – more like a sports avoider, to be perfectly honest.  I tolerate baseball, because it happens during warm weather and doesn’t involve too much noise usually.  I think my real problem with sports is that I’m completely unable to care who wins.

When you factor in that it’s minor league baseball, so probably nobody really cares, you get a pretty boring experience for me.   I do love the new field though – it’s built downtown on the Ohio river ,maybe 7 minutes from my house.  Before the game we walked down to the river, and that was nice.  We also visited Joe Ley’s Antiques.  Joe Ley’s is notable for being really huge, having lots of architectural salvaged pieces, and lots and lots of scary mannequins


The second guy there is in a coffin, and is actually pretty startling to walk up on.  I didn’t know I had clown fear until this afternoon.  There’s a whole section of items from Fontaine Ferry Amusement park, a now defunct park that I mostly know as the park that closed because of desegregation in the 60s.  There were several gypsy fortunetelling machines in this section.  Those things give me a major wiggins.  You wouldn’t think they would – my dad was an antique dealer all through my childhood, so I’m used to old stuff and old places – but I can’t deal with figures.  Ugh.

We ate dinner at Mellilos, which is an italian bistro attatched to a winery on Market street.  It was ok… I wasn’t that impressed, but Marc was happy to eat somewhere new.

I have to tell you though… by the end of the game I really wished I’d brought along my knitting.  Somehow I’m still a bit embarrassed to knit in public.

I’m thinking of going to check out a Stitch n Bitch group this Thursday, in part to cure myself of this fear.  If I like it I might rearrange my work schedule so that I can go more often.  If I can get over my fear of dropping in without knowing anyone that is…

I did end up placing my knitpicks and WEBs orders last night.  I got the rest of the options needles I wanted, as well as a few inox, a few skeins of Andean treasure in granite (heathered beige), the noro silk garden, and a ball of Filatura Di Crosa Baby Kid Extra in black, for my airy scarf.

I would feel bad for my spending, but I got 2 more weddings to do today.  Apparently tis the season for weddings.  That’s 7 (no kidding) in the next month.

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