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I blame fate

I wore “Branching Out” to teach yesterday, and I recieved lots and lots of compliments. Somehow there’s nothing quite so gratifying as how excited a 13 year old will get over things. All the “ohmygods” and the squealing. I’m not even joking, either. I teach all different ages at my job, but my favorites are definitely the middle-schoolers. I am aware that this makes me unique and possibly insane. It’s all the wanna-be sophistication combined with the great love of all things pretty and sparkly (I teach girls, obviously.)
We’re having our end of summer session recital on saturday. I’m going to try to get a group pic of me and my “girls.” They aren’t all doing the recital – only 11 out of the 15 students I currently have. We’re closed for fall registration for a few weeks, and when I start back up I expect to have even more students. I ususally have over 20, and I can take more if I teach Tuesdays, but since Tuesday and Friday are my only days off (and Tuesday only sort of – I sometimes have rehearsal) I’m not sure I’d like to do that.

Although I may need to, if my sad, sad crafting habit keeps up. I’m going to need another skein for Clapotis, so I went to order that and the other needles I wanted… only Knitpicks doesn’t sell 16″ circs, so naturally I went browsing elsewhere… and got hooked in by the WEBs sale on Noro. I’m going to get some silk garden to make another Clapotis with. My Mom saw mine and started wistfully talking about how she used to have a handmade wrap like that, and she really misses it. So I’ll make another, and either give her that or the one I’m working on now, depending. My new hair is slightly more fussy about colors worn next to it, so I may wind up gifting the current one. I’m not sure about the orange/rust color now. I think I’d rather have mine be in pretty jewel tones, which I know won’t clash.

Marc took me to the library today. Strange phrasing I know, but I’m apparently physically incapable of returning books, so if I want something he gets it for me. That way I’ll return it. I checked out a few knitting books, including “Last minute knitted gifts.” I want to make the “Airy Scarf” for a present.

I can apparently get two scarves out of a ball of kidsilk, so I can have one too! I’m thinking of either black, cream, or a pretty deep blue.
The other book I checked out and love is “Scarf Style.” Do you notice a trend? I think it’s because I’m a singer. The diva in me loves to have something wrapped around her neck at all times. I want to make “Backyard leaves”

and “Misty Garden”

Of course, the recommended yarn for this one would set me back 25 bucks, which is a lot for a scarf I think. I can’t come up with a cheaper sub, because it’s worsted weight heathered mohair. Not that common.

This stole would be pretty for the noro too

I also got a few truly bizare books, such as Great Knitted Gifts and Loop-d-loop. The first consists mostly of Intarsia. Really strange intarsia with random polka dots and the most unhappy looking child models I’ve ever seen. The second is supposed to be “avant garde,” so maybe I just don’t get it. There are only two patterns I would consider.

I looked at “Stitch n bitch” nation too, and I once again failed to get it. The only thing I would make is the capelet. I don’t know… it just seems to try very hard to be “hip” and sort of fail. The only thing I loved in the first book was the “Chinese Charm bag”. On the other hand, I love the crochet book to bits and pieces, but it’s possible my standards are lower. Anything not consisting on crocheted toilet covers makes me happy.

Oh yes, and Clapotis progress. I’ve finished the increase section. I added one extra repeat, which brought the width to 19.5″. I think it will grow a bit once I start dropping stitches, so hopefully it will turn out as large as I would like it. The yarn was wanting to pool, so I removed a 6″ section, and now it seems to be ok. I still love it, and I can’t wait for another 7 rows, when I get to drop my first stitch! I’m trying not to overdo it, since I have the recital on Saturday (I will play the piano for my students.) and I sometimes get stiff fingers.

So to sum up then… I have a yarn problem.

One thought on “I blame fate

  1. The scarf patterns you show here are all very lovely and tasteful. I especially like the wispy pink “Airy Scarf” and the one you plan to make for yourself, “Backyard Leaves” … quite nice.

    It is always refreshing to see taste and style combined with the craft of knitting.


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