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Now with pictures!

My branching out is finished and blocked, but I don’t have a picture of it blocked yet, so here it is before blocking

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And being worn by the cat

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It ended up being fine in length – it stretched quite a bit, around 6 inches in length. I’m very, very happy with it, and happy with the wonders of blocking. I’m also very happy that I chose to do it in green, because it goes beautifully with my new hair, which as of today is auburn.

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Just for reference, my hair yesterday looked like this

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Quite a difference! I love the richness of the color, and I’m terribly excited to not be a blonde anymore – I was getting bored. I like to change my haircolor, and it’s been nearly every one, but after a bad experience involving some “black cherry” dye that was at first purple and then black, followed by expensive salon treatments and stripey hair, I kept it pretty blonde for the past two years.

I promised pictures of the yarn winder Marc built for me out of legos, but this is the best I have.

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I’m in danger of becoming a crazy cat lady. I actually have two cats, but the other one won’t let you do whatever to her the way that Leon will, so she is rarely the subject of photographs.

And some random yarn p0rn, this is the Knitpicks shimmer I got the other day. It’s going to become a shawl.

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4 thoughts on “Now with pictures!

  1. The auburn hair is perfect, and the green scarf will look great with it. My hair is naturally a bit on the auburn side, and then I auburned it up a little extra this past winter with some temporary dye (because I don’t color my hair). It was interesting how good blue looked with the auburn.

    Are you sure the cat will give you back the scarf? He’s mightly stylin’ with it on.


  2. To answer your question, I am also planning on a shawl with Shimmer because I think I am getting addicted to lace. No specific patterns have caught my eye yet but that yarn is low on my list until after Xmas. I only bought it so I could get free shipping when I was buying the yarn for Wild Stripes (from Knitty), but I am sooo glad I bought it. I loved all the colorways though. I had a really hard time choosing which one to get. I do love the turquoise now that I have it though!

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