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Games and a new Clapotis!

We had people over last night to play boardgames. We played “Ticket to Ride,” which is a train route building game, and then I got roped into playing another strategy game. Apparently it has to do with amassing lots of goods, such as corn or indigo, and then trying to ship them out. I’m am not so good with the strategy games. I think that mostly I suffer from supremely not caring whether I get the most corn or whatever. Plus I dislike games that are really slow paced. Like chess – chess makes the part of my brain that hates math ache.

Or maybe I just really wanted to finish my Branching Out scarf? After they left I did one more repeat and called it finished at 29 repeats (2 more than called for). Marc and I tried stretching it, and it does stretch quite a bit, so hopefully it will be long once it’s blocked. It’s shine sport, so it’s got modal in with the cotton.

I’ve never blocked lace before, so I’m kind of freaked out… but I’m going to use a method I read online involving threading spare yarn through the edges to keep them straight (excellent for the type A afflicted like me.) I can’t today, because I need to buy some more straight pins on my way to work at 5:30.

I work very briefly tonight – just one lesson and then a rehearsal for the recital this weekend.

After that I’m going to make Spicy baked macaroni. from Everyday Italian on the food network. I have to replace the spinach with broccol, since Marc refuses to eat cooked spinich (makes me sad, but he is generally unpicky).

And last night I started on my Clapotis! I’m using Knitpicks memories sock yarn in the Redwood Forest colorway. I got a few of knitpicks new interchangable needles to try in my last order, so I’m going to use size 6 circulars for Clapotis. It took me a little practice to figure out knitting and purling in the back loop, but the videos at knitting help saved me as always! I finished the setup rows, and so far it’s an incredibly fun knit – interesting, but not as involved as the lace on branching out. Firsts involved here? First circular needles, first knitting in back loop, and first serious use of stitch markers. Very exciting. I love the yarn I chose – it’s sort of a deep burgandy with brown streaks. More subtle than lots of sock yarns are. I searched on Flickr and found someone else who had used my yarn, and theirs turned out beautifully. I plan on making mine to the dimensions in the original pattern. I may need more yarn (I have 3 sk, and I fear it will use 4), but it’s ok if I do. It will give me an excuse to buy the whole interchangable needle set (must qualify for free shipping, right? ) It turns out that I don’t hate circular needles, I just hated the crappy ones I started on. These are fabulous – light and sharp, and the cord is so flexible that I won’t need to steam it.

2 thoughts on “Games and a new Clapotis!

  1. Having a good pair of needles makes all the difference in the world, and with circular needles it is especially important to choose a brand that feels good in your hands and that handles yarns smoothly. That’s great you don’t actually hate circular needles.

    That baked macaroni sounds good; I looked up the recipe from your link and saved it. I believe my husband would love it very much.

    Best wishes to you!


  2. If you make the macaroni, I might suggest substituting fresh tomatos for the canned. I don’t usually mind, but for some reason they tasted very canned in this recipe.

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